Smartwatch Gaming On The Rise

Very much like its mobile-based predecessor the introduction of the smartwatch has excited developers who are busy working their creative magic in turning the new wearable tech into the latest must-have game playing platform. It doesn’t seem to matter what technology is being created but you can guarantee that the gaming industry will be right there trying to discover the best way in which to utilise the new product to expand it’s reach to help players immerse themselves further into regular gaming action.


Now that smartwatches are very much the technical innovation of the moment game companies and developers are slowly but surely attempting to figure out how best to use the devices built-in features and capabilities to create fun and exciting games that take advantage of the new platform. Due to their small screen sizes games have had to evolve slightly in order to be compatible with the smaller faced wearables. It’s difficult to simply transfer highly complex games that have enjoyed success on a tablet for example and shrink it down on to such a smaller and more limited device.

Wrist Smartwatch

But developers are focusing more on what the smartwatch is being used for more so than just repackaging classic games that have proved popular on other larger devices. It’s unlikely that gamers will be spending hours playing games on their smartphone for a number of reasons. Control-wise the smartphone is a device that is predominantly controlled by one hand as it’s strapped on to the opposite wrist. So developers are unveiling a new range of games that require simple bite-size attention throughout the day as opposed to lengthier gaming sessions. Games that require a few taps and swipes every now and again to keep things ticking over but also warrant enough interest to keep smartwatch gamers coming back for more.

Once the resources and built-in innovations of the smartwatch have been truly cultivated by the gaming industry then we’re in for an unleashing of truly inventive new games. Motion sensors, GPS, accelerometers, cameras and notification systems are already been utilised by gaming companies to help evolve this exciting new platform into another gaming outlet and to hopefully attract an even wider range of potential players around the world. Everything from UK bingo to immersive spy games can be accessed on the device at the moment but as the technology evolves so will the gaming output.

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