A Complete Guide To Every Marvel Movie (INFOGRAPHIC)

Although DC got the ball rolling on comic book adaptations with the massive critical and commercial success of 1978’s Superman and 1989’s Batman, it wasn’t until the turn of the millennium when the superhero genre blew up in a big way thanks to the success of the first Blade, and then X-Men. Today, Marvel are unquestionably top dogs when it comes to producing comic book blockbusters, thanks largely to the unprecedented success of Marvel Studios and their connected cinematic universe.

However, the rights to many of the most popular Marvel characters have been splintered all across Hollywood, which has seen numerous studios jump on the superhero bandwagon in an attempt to cash in on what quickly became one of the most bankable genres in the entire industry.

With that being said, the folks over at Skirts.com have put together this nifty infographic that breaks down every Marvel movie ever released. From Howard The Duck to Ant-Man, take a trip with us though nearly 30 years of Marvel movie history.


Marvel Infographic

[via GeekTyrant]

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