Watch This Supercut Of Cinema’s Greatest Car Chases

The cinematic car chase might not represent cinema at its most sophisticated (although in terms of staging, some chases are technically and logistically jaw-dropping) but for all-out adrenaline-fueled entertainment cinema doesn’t get much better.

Audiences have sat through hundreds if not thousands of car chases throughout the years, and though most of them tend to blur together at this point, every so often a unique, exhilarating chase will abound, one that heightens the visceral appeal of the narrative and engages us greater in what is going on.

With that, the folks over at Filmnørdens Hjørne have put together this video montage of cinema’s all time great car chase sequences – from the recently released Mad Max: Fury Road to pretty much every entry of The Fast And The Furious franchise.


[via Filmnørdens Hjørne]

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