Inception’s Hallway Fight Scene Deconstructed

It’s no secret that Christopher Nolan is a sucker for practical effects. Interstellar may have been filled with a fair amount of CGI, out of necessity (it is about astronauts exploring an alternate universe, after all), but for the most part he kicks it old school with his special effects. His brain-bending dream-cracking blockbuster Inception featured a fair amount of computer graphics, too, but a surprising amount of in-camera work as well.

Like, you know the bit where Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page are chatting on that Parisian street corner, and then suddenly everything freezes and stuff starts exploding? All done for real. And DiCaprio probably deserves that Oscar just for not flinching when pressurized guns were firing vegetables off near his face.

Most impressive of all, however, is how they pulled off that dizzying, spinning hotel hallway scrap between Joseph Gordon Levitt and a goon. As the dreamers tumble in real life so does the room they’re imagining, going through a full 360-degree rotation as JGL and his enemy scrabble for a gun. CGI or something, right? Nope, they built a full, spinning rig, and the actors just had to deal with it. Well, they got a few weeks of training beforehand, but still. Crazy!

With that, the folks over at CineFix have decided to take an in-depth look at how, exactly, this insane scene came to be and how Nolan and his crew actually pulled it off.


[via CineFix]

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