30 Most Unusual Sex Scenes In Film History

20. A Fish Called Wanda (1988)

Kevin Kline Fish Called Wanda

Wanda (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Otto (Kevin Kline) are two American con artists, enlisted by a London gangster to assist with a jewel heist. Though they’re pretending to be brother and sister in order to con their employers, Otto ensures that they seize every moment they can to be alone and fulfill their desires – or rather, his desires.

Of all their scenes together, none are more hilarious than that which shows Otto follow through to completion. Knowing just how to make Wanda swoon, Otto halts his amateur ninja work-out, and begins to recite random Italian words – each of which causes Wanda to gradually disrobe. Yanking her knee-high boot from her foot, Otto stands proudly above her – inhaling from it deeply, then re-inflating it – giving him the appearance of a triumphant elephant. Continuing his seduction with a recitation of Mussolini’s name through her removed stocking, Otto dives upon Wanda – bursting into a chorus of Volare, before reaching a silent, cross-eyed climax.

19. Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993)

Hot Shots Part Deux Girl

Some movies are so ridiculous that they defy conventional reviewing methods. Hot Shots! Part Deux, the downright insane sequel to the brilliantly side-splitting 1991 Top Gun parody flick, Hot Shots!, is one of them.

Part Deux’s entry into our list begins as a hilarious parody of the limo lovemaking scene in 1987’s No Way Out wherein CIA agent Michelle Huddleston (Brenda Bakke) shows her headlights, literally, to war hero Topper Harley (Charlie Sheen) under the watchful gaze of a popcorn munching chauffeur. She then takes her man home for yet another parody of a famous sex scene: the ice-pick murder from Paul Verhoeven’s Basic Instinct. The moment that truly sends this scene over the top comes when Huddleston mounts Harley by performing an Olympic-worthy dive off a diving board mounted above her bed. Ride ’em cowgirl!

18. Naked Gun (1988)

Naked Gun Condom Scene

“I practice safe sex,” says Jane (Priscilla Presley). “So do I,” assures Lt. Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen). And what is “safe sex” according to the guys who created Police Squad! and Airplane!, you may wonder? You can never be too safe, apparently, as Jane and Frank are next seen completely covered – and we do mean head to toe – in their own full-body condoms. They awkwardly embrace (it’s probably hard to see, move and even breathe in those things) and sort of stumble onto the bed, where we leave them in their rubbery passion as the camera pans to the giant empty condom wrappers.

The second installment of the franchise, The Smell Of Fear, also delivers with a hilarious, overtop send-up of the pottery scene from Ghost. Jane moulds an ashtray from a lump of clay she finds in the pants of an incongruously buff Leslie Nielsen body double before the pair head off to bed while stock footage scenes of a train entering a tunnel, a roller coaster, a human cannonball, torpedoes, and a slam dunk play across the screen with Unchained Melody blasting over the soundtrack.

17. Ted (2012)

Ted Grocery Store Girl

Teddy bears are supposed to be cute and cuddly, right? Well, um, wrong in this case. In Ted, Mark Wahlberg plays a man whose best friend is a teddy bear that came to life when his character wished upon a star as a child.

Ultimately, Ted grows up into a bong-smoking, trash-talking, filthy-mouthed layabout who invites hookers around to play obscene versions of truth or dare. While on duty at a grocery store, Ted’s boss catches him having sex with a cashier in the store room as the cuddly horn bag yells “Put your finger in the loop of my tag!” His boss promotes him.

16. The Counselor (2013)

The Counselor Car Scene

Universally panned Cormac McCarthy thriller The Counselor seems to have been either not seen or disliked by most people who actually ventured out to see it at the cinema. Aside from being terrible, there is one scene that has been talked about more than any other, which is somewhat unsurprising given that it features Cameron Diaz having sex with a car.

In the scene her character, Malinka, removes her underwear and enthusiastically gets herself off using the windshield of a car belonging to Javier Bardem’s character, Reiner, while he watches on in shock and amazement from the passenger seat. The scene, which is told in flashback, is described in much more unpleasant detail, so not even closing your eyes will save you from being traumatized.

3 thoughts on “30 Most Unusual Sex Scenes In Film History

  1. There are some movies, that maybe could be added to the list.

    The first that came to my mind when I saw the list was Pink Flamingo. The main actor (a guy) plays a mother who gives her own son a blowjob …

    And what about this one scene from Evil Dead, where a woman got raped by a tree …

    Also pretty disturbing is The War Zone. A father rapes his 18 year old daughter anally in an old bunker (later, she even confronts him: “why did you fuck me in the ass?”). Also, the brother (who found out about the rape) discovers that his other sister (a baby) has blood in her diapers …

    Another strange one is Nekromantik 2. This lady is in love with a dead, burried guy. She exhumes him, but then she falls in love with a living guy. She discards the dead corpse, but keeps the rotting head and the dick. While she has sex with her new lover, she chops his head off and replaces it with the rotting head. Then she ties his dick, so that it stays erected. She rides it until she cums. A few days later, she is totally happy, when the doctor tells her she is pregnant.

  2. How ’bout the mother of Bizarre sex scenes …. “A SERBIAN FILM” !!!
    The one in which, he takes the tied gal from behind, and then moments later slashes the throat of the gal, while still thrusting her from behind…. a memorable bizzare sex scene worth mentioning in the list !!!

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