30 Most Unusual Sex Scenes In Film History

10. Nekromantik (1987)


Don’t let the title fool you – there’s absolutely nothing “romantic” about this German freak show. Well, unless you consider a married couple’s decision to spice up their sex life by swinging with a rotting corpse to be the stuff of Danielle Steele novels.

Nekromantik tells the story of a middle aged depressed man named Robert Schmadtke who works at a Street Cleaning Agency, a company that cleans up the mess after traffic collisions and removes dead bodies from public areas. In a sick twist, Robert has a hobby of collecting body parts and conserving them in booze. One day he gets his hands on a particularly appealing rotting corpse and instead of having the dead body buried, he takes it home to his girlfriend. This is where the fun begins. This includes a scene where the girlfriend wraps a condom around a steel pipe and straddles it during their naughty time with the stiff.

9. Showgirls (1995)

Showgirls Pool Scene

The world has yet to recover from the shock of seeing nerdy feminist Jesse Spano from Saved By The Bell as the lead in Paul Verhoeven’s sleazy, apparently satirical exploitation flick about an erotic dancer who will stop at nothing to dance around naked and have bizarre, gratuitous sex at every conceivable instant.

In one of the most memorable moments of the film, our main character shows her boss (Kyle MacLachlan) what up-and-coming really means. Designed as the ultimate Hollywood soft-core extravaganza, what emerges on-screen is two actors thrashing about like dolphins in a swimming pool trying to stop their careers from sinking. In the throes of passion our leading lady begins to spastically thrash around like a harpooned eel in a way that makes you think she is having a severe epileptic seizure instead of an orgasm. The fact that this off the wall depiction of coitus made it into the final cut simply defies belief.

8. Teeth (2007)

Teeth Brother Scene

Dawn O’Keefe (Jess Weixler) is a teenage spokesperson for a Christian abstinence group called The Promise. She dates in groups, watches G-rated films, and has never even kissed a boy. However, the power of teen hormones is great, so temptation beckons. After a few run-ins with a few overzealous young men, Dawn realizes that she has a toothed-vagina (a condition known as “vagina dentata”), which is exactly what it sounds like. If you stick something in there then there is a good chance that it’s going to be bitten (or bitten off).

With a premise as insane as this you could expect that there would be multiple instances of guys having their worst nightmare come true. And the film does not disappoint – from a creepy rapist getting caught in the Venus flytrap when he tries to aggressively take advantage of our half-unconscious protagonist to when she uses her vagina teeth to de-wang her slimeball stepbrother and then feed his pajama python to his beloved pooch.

7. A Serbian Film (2010)

A Serbian Film Girl

Where to begin? An angry piece of nihilistic work, Srdjan Spasojevic’s A Serbian Film goes to unbelievable lengths to batter one’s eyes with one ghastly image after another – an assembly line of taboos beyond the point of recognition, nearly beyond perversion.

In the film, Miloš (Srđan Todorović), a financially struggling porn star is coaxed into performing in what is pitched to him as an “art film” which promises to be his family’s ticket out of Serbia. He soon discovers that he has been drafted into a certified snuff film which includes child molestation, rape of a baby, incest and necrophilia. Do we really need to get anymore specific? Before it’s all over your senses will become overwhelmed and you will essentially become totally numb to the mayhem.

6. 300: Rise Of An Empire (2014)

300 Eva Green Scene

Artemisia (Eva Green) invites Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton) onto her ship in order to seduce him and hopefully have him join her side in an ongoing war, leading to an absurd but extremely hot sex scene as the two violently try to overpower one another in one of the strangest sexual power plays in cinema history.

There’s punching. There’s hair-pulling. There’s even mild choking. The subtext of their battle sequences, the fight to come out on top, is literally wrought in this assignation as both Themistocles and Artemisia toss each other around and jostle for dominance. The film would like us to believe that it’s a draw between them, but this is no contest: The wildly charismatic Green positively dwarfs the mild Stapleton. By the time she’s topless and swinging a sword Green has given us a sex scene for the ages, the sort of buzzed-about encounter usually reserved for premium cable instead of the multiplex.

3 thoughts on “30 Most Unusual Sex Scenes In Film History

  1. There are some movies, that maybe could be added to the list.

    The first that came to my mind when I saw the list was Pink Flamingo. The main actor (a guy) plays a mother who gives her own son a blowjob …

    And what about this one scene from Evil Dead, where a woman got raped by a tree …

    Also pretty disturbing is The War Zone. A father rapes his 18 year old daughter anally in an old bunker (later, she even confronts him: “why did you fuck me in the ass?”). Also, the brother (who found out about the rape) discovers that his other sister (a baby) has blood in her diapers …

    Another strange one is Nekromantik 2. This lady is in love with a dead, burried guy. She exhumes him, but then she falls in love with a living guy. She discards the dead corpse, but keeps the rotting head and the dick. While she has sex with her new lover, she chops his head off and replaces it with the rotting head. Then she ties his dick, so that it stays erected. She rides it until she cums. A few days later, she is totally happy, when the doctor tells her she is pregnant.

  2. How ’bout the mother of Bizarre sex scenes …. “A SERBIAN FILM” !!!
    The one in which, he takes the tied gal from behind, and then moments later slashes the throat of the gal, while still thrusting her from behind…. a memorable bizzare sex scene worth mentioning in the list !!!

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