Beloved Horror Themes Re-Recorded In A Major Key Are Adorable

Imagine a dark, empty house. Well, almost empty save for the lonely teenage babysitter waiting quietly inside for the parental units to return. She hears a noise and decides for the sake of the children asleep upstairs that she’d better investigate. As she slowly tiptoes down the hallway, tracing the wood floor beams with her bare feet, an unsettling silence overcomes the house. Suddenly, a dark figure emerges from around the corner and lunges at her.

Now, as you read that, did you insert a scare chord when the figure came forth? Was there a banging of piano keys, a wailing of piercing horns or some shrieking violins perhaps? Maybe you went ’70s style and it was some obscure synth sound used to empower the jolting image. Take a moment now to imagine the same scene, except shift horror’s traditional minor key into a major one. Are you doing it? Well, you can stop imagining.

Musician, writer, and amateur filmmaker Ian Gordon has recently reworked a handful of iconic horror themes into a major key. The results, for the most part, turn creepy dread into pleasant elevator music. YouTube channel Muted Vocal has uploaded a selection of ten of these reworked themes in two separate videos: The X-Files, Halloween, A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Exorcist, Saw, Jaws, The Fog, Psycho, Phantasm and The Omen. The changes are fascinating to say the least. Ultimately, with each tweak you get what sounds like the opening theme to an adorable Japanese RPG videogame from the Super Nintendo era. It’s delightful.

[via Muted Vocal]

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