50 Greatest Animated Movies Of All Time (INFOGRAPHIC)

When we grow up, we put away childish things – or at least try to. And sure, we’ve given a lot of deep cinematic thought to adult tastes: to the most unusual movie sex scenes, slasher movies and who’s the greatest pornstar working today.

But animation is something we’ll never be able to shed. It’s in our DNA as moviegoers. For all of us, watching animated movies was our most formative film experience. Animation inculcates a sense of wonder: a love for the natural universe, for talking animals, wooden boys and adventure.

Whether you realize it or not, all movies are animated, in that a film strip is composed of still images that, when moved fast enough before a beam of light, create the illusion of movement. But a film with flesh-and-blood actors is limited by the human body. A sequence of still images of Tom Cruise hanging off the side of an airplane is only possible if you get a camera on Tom Cruise as he hangs off the side of an airplane.

Gather a room of animators, though, and the results don’t have to be tethered to any reality. Before CGI unlocked new wonders and sights, cartoons were the best ways to create the unreal. Even today, a great animated movie simply does work that no actor/CGI mash-up could ever accomplish.

With that, (taking into account box-office, reviews, etc) the folks over at GameDesigning.org have put together this delightful infographic detailing the greatest animated movies of all time – from Pinocchio to the recently released Inside Out.


Animated Movies Infographic

[via GameDesigning.org]

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