Watch This Video Of Kristen Stewart Giving A Masterclass In Staring

It’s no secret that Kristen Stewart is the reigning queen of the one facial expression for every emotion, as you’ll see her face light up into a frown whenever elation is required, or lessen to a grimace when she needs to express depression. She is truly an inspiration to all other statues who wish to try their hand at being a thespian.

True, she’s turned in some fairly decent performances over the years – Adventureland, The Runaways, On The Road, Camp X-Ray, Still Alice and Clouds Of Sils Maria were all just fine – but most of the time it’s almost as if Stewart is annoyed that she has to act for a living. The only logical conclusion is that someone has some juicy piece of blackmail-worthy information on her, and has forced her to appear in a series of films for teenage girls, but is strictly forbidden from enjoying a single iota of them.

Anyway, the folks over at Fandango have put together this video tribute to the many stares of the former Miss Twilight. Witness for yourself how Kirsten Stewart gives a masterclass in how to gaze blankly like an Oscar winner (or at least an Oscar statuette).


[via Fandango]

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