Watch This Supercut Of The Most Unconventional Movie Weapons

The old saying goes that it is the clothes that make the man, but sometimes in movies the weaponry is just as important. How effective would Captain America be without his shield? Would Thor be quite as intimidating without his Mjölnir? What about Danny Trejo’s Machete without his… you get the picture.

But sometimes a movie character has to work with what they got. A toothbrush, afro picks, a toilet cover… whatever. This supercut of unlikely movie weapons includes Colin Firth taking down several people in a pub with his weaponized umbrella, Vin Diesel making good on his promise to “kill you with my teacup,” and Woody Harrelson destroying a zombie with a banjo. Of course, action superstars like Jackie Chan, Matt Damon, and Jason Statham appear, but the best instance of improvised combat might be Steve Oedekerk and his gopher-chucks.


[via Burger Fiction]

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