Get All Hot And Bothered With This Supercut Of The Most Seductive Scenes In Film

“Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me,” Dustin Hoffman’s Benjamin Braddock uttered nervously as the original cougar peeled off her silk stockings in 1967’s The Graduate. He was correct, of course. Those were indeed her intentions.

Over the years, there have been plenty of memorable female seductionists in film. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character, Kathryn, from Cruel Intentions, will hold her victim’s in thrall by delaying their satisfaction, pulling them back and forth between hope and frustration. And with the help of an effortlessly flawless snake dance, Salma Hayek’s exotic stripper, Santánico Pandemonium, in Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn could have a room full of rowdy men (and vampires) eating out of her hand and lapping vodka off of her feet.

This supercut from YouTuber Robert Jones highlights some of the finest seduction scenes in all of cinema.


[via Robert Jones]

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