Heroes Vs. Villians: Who Causes More Damage In Superhero Movies?

The ending to 2013’s Man Of Steel was controversial to say the least. Some Superman fans took serious issue with the amount of rampant destruction that occurred in Metropolis, with likely tens of thousands of people being killed, seemingly without much concern from The Last Son of Krypton.

In fact, the only time Superman seems to show interest in the well-being of civilians is during the beginning of the Smallville fight, when he tells people to get indoors. He then proceeds to help destroy all the buildings in which those people were hiding (but at least he gave their well-being some casual thought).

The Smallville fight is where you sense things are going a little off the rails in the movie because a small town in farm country is actually the easiest place to reduce collateral damage – Superman and his fellow Kryptonians are never more than a few hundred feet from open farmland. When the military sends in the jets to attack it doesn’t feel like an OMG moment, it feels like a reaction in kind. A true Superman story would see our hero attempting to keep the incoming bombs away from Smallville while also fending off his foes. Instead, Clark Kent’s hometown is essentially wiped off the map.

With all that being said, superhero movies have a bit of history when it comes to its titular characters causing mass destruction. And obviously, to varying degrees. Now a nifty infographic has popped up online that takes several of the biggest superhero blockbusters of the last couple of years and breaks down exactly who did the most damage in each movie – the bad guys, or the heroes who were were sent to stop them. Talk about damage control…


Heroes Villians

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