Proof That Movie Kids Have The Most Awesome Friends

Friendships are important in helping children develop emotionally and socially. They provide a training ground for trying out different ways of relating to others. Through interacting with friends, children learn the give and take of social behavior in general.

They learn how to set up rules, how to weigh alternatives and make decisions when faced with dilemmas. They experience fear, anger, aggression and rejection. They learn how to win, how to lose, what’s appropriate, what’s not. They learn that different people and different situations call for different behaviors and they come to understand the viewpoints of other people. The solace and support of friends help children cope with troubling times and through transition times – moving up to a new school, entering adolescence, dealing with family stresses, facing disappointments.

And while kids typically form friendships with other kids, in the world of cinema their companionships are usually much more diverse (and awesome). From Baymax in Big Hero 6 to the T-800 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, movie kids usually just have better friends than we could have ever wished for. With that, the folks over at Burger Fiction have put together this supercut that demonstrates this very point.


[via Burger Fiction]

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