A Celebration Of Robots In Cinema

Since the dawn of movies, filmmakers have been making flicks featuring mechanical stars. Throughout the ages, they’ve fallen into a number of categories: evil robots hell bent on destroying humanity, loving buddy bots looking to help mankind, and the ever popular wise-cracking robots that don’t hate humans, but aren’t too fond of us, either.

With that, the folks over a JoBlo have put together this supercut (similar to one we posted a few months ago and an infographic we posted as well) which showcases cinema’s greatest robots. Not only are classic cinematic androids like R2-D2 and RoboCop included, but we also have newbies like Baymax from Big Hero 6, Ex Machina’s Ava, and the titular baddie from Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Sadly, there seems to be no love for our girl Cash from Cyborg 2… what gives?


[via JoBlo]

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