10 Slot Machines Based Around Movies

After a film reaches a certain level of success, you’ll soon start to notice its DNA spread around the pop-culture landscape. Whether it’s television, comic books, novels, audio products, YouTube or… slot machines? Yup. Welcome to Vegas, baby.

Slot machines are undoubtedly one of the most important assets that any casino can have. They always make up a big part of the gaming floor and are one of the biggest draws. So it only makes sense that the powers that be would take advantage of the world of cinema to give players an unique (yet securely familiar) gaming experience.

With the evolution of a slot machine through the ages, Las Vegas has given a lot of your favorite movies the gaming treatment. Join us as we highlight some of the best.

10. Gone With The Wind

Gone With The Wind Slot Machine

The Movie: Rarely does a film have such an impact that it benefits from a popular longevity over 70 years after its original release, but Gone With The Wind is as popular today as it was then. Set during the US Civil War, issues such as devastation, poverty, hunger, selflessness and selfishness, manipulation, and hope are all explored. The character of Scarlett O’Hara displays the burning desire we all have inside to survive and it is her strength and determination that gives the film much of its significance.

The Game: Gone With The Wind is a five reel slot game, which has become quite popular over time. Gone With The Wind slots is a twenty payline game and has features that not only induces the feelings of romance and love but also keeps the thrilling journey moving. Most critics find the theme of romance in a slot game to be rather strange, yet it has so far proved to be quite thoroughly entertaining.

9. The Wizard Of Oz

Wizard Of Oz Slot Machine

The Movie: As mentioned with Gone With The Wind, very few films stand the test of time quite so well as these two, both released over 70 years ago. Exploring the true meaning of friendship, respecting and loving where you are from as well as yourself, The Wizard of Oz’s message rings as true today as it did back in 1939.

The Game: All your favorite characters are here; including the Lion, the Scarecrow, Dorothy herself, Glinda the good witch and of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the Wizard himself. You may or may not be lucky enough to meet the Wizard when you play the game, as he is only seen when you are getting one of the “Big Wins” featured when you work your way up the Oz bonus rounds. Just click your heels three times and you might just luck up.

8. Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka Slot Machine

The Movie: What kid doesn’t love candy? More specifically, what kid doesn’t love chocolate?! Only weirdo children, that’s who! Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory tells the classic tale of Charlie Bucket as he receives a Golden Ticket and visits Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory with four other children from around the world.

The Game: Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory theme is perfect for a gaming slot, with the right amount of whimsy, theatrics, and adventure all rolled into one. The most exciting feature of the game is the motion chair technology that is paired perfectly with the theme of the slot. During a boat ride on the chocolate river, for instance, the motion chair moves back and forth mimicking the feeling of riding on an actual boat. The advanced graphics allow superior picture quality to match the colorful theme of the sloe, which is a visual treat. The orange skinned, green haired Oompa Loompas, along with other elements of the movie, set the perfect scene for an exhilarating game.

7. Grease

Grease Slot Machine

The Movie: Arguably the greatest thing John Travolta has ever done with his life, this is a musical that everyone and their mom must see before they die. Perhaps this is one that is best broken down into specific reasons to watch: 1. John Travolta dancing on a car. 2. John Travolta dancing at a high school dance. 3. John Travolta dancing with Olivia Newton-John. 4. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John flying away in a car together at the end of the movie (if that final scene doesn’t make you want to watch it again immediately, you’re a crazy person).

The Game: This slot machine has two sets of 5-reels each (10 reels in all) and 50 paylines (25 for each game) in all. The players have one game for each character and can play both the games in the machine at once. One game is for Sandy (Olivia Newton John) and one is for Danny (John Travolta). This also means your chances of winning are slightly higher than typically so.

6. Airplane!

Airplane Slot Machine

The Movie: Airplane! crackles with slapstick comedy and has retained the energy that made this satirical disaster film such a hit in 1980. The plot – passengers and pilots on a flight to Chicago suffer food poisoning and the plane must be landed by shell-shocked veteran Ted Striker – is secondary to the comic dialogue and sights gags. A typical example is the running joke about Striker’s “drinking problem.” Whenever he raises a glass, he splashes its contents into his eye.

The Game: As you walk by this machine the screen proudly displays: “Do you like movies about gladiators? Play Airplane!” The game features images of Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, and Leslie Nielsen (but not Kareem, Peter Graves or Lloyd Bridges). It also features the Automatic Pilot, the bony remains of a seafood airline meal, and other tidbits from the film. It’s one of those “penny” slots that actually costs 40¢-$4 per spin. If you hit the bonus the Automatic Pilot will inflate. Like other modern 1¢ gaming devices, you won’t win, but it has endless entertainment value.

5. Star Wars

Star Wars Slot Machine

The Movie: Watching the original Star Wars trilogy for the first time is a rite of passage. Whether part of the original alumni that saw the films in theatres (lucky devils) or introduced decades later by a sibling or parent, Star Wars is a movie that has impacted us all and thoroughly earned its place in the pantheon of great American cinema.

The Game: Unfortunately, after LucasFilm was sold to Disney a few years back the company decided to phase out its Star Wars slot machines in the US, in line with its family friendly policies. Even still, these slots are still a fan favorite. And we’re moderately sure we’ll see these things pop up again sometime in the future – hopefully.

4. The Lord Of The Rings

Lord Of The Rings Slot Machine

The Movie: As far as the cinematic landscape is concerned, The Lord Of The Rings trilogy essentially put the fantasy genre back on the map. After years and years of uninspired, awkward fantasy pictures filled with tired clichés and naff renderings of mystical lands, strange creatures and magic that just plainly didn’t gel, New Zealand director Peter Jackson made fantasy cool again with his outright epic adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s most famous series of novels.

The Game: This slot machine features popular characters from the LOTR series such as Frodo Baggins, Gollum, Gandalf the Grey, Aragon the Ranger, Legolas the Elf prince, Arwen, the Uruk-hai, and others. Players travel through Middle Earth in an exciting storyline, all the while tackling villains and unlocking bonuses. Players can also choose from eight bonuses such as Garden Heist, The Prancing Pony, The Balrog, Isildur’s Sword, Arwen’s Rescue, Galadriel’s Stairway, Gandalf’s Fireworks, and Uruk-hai Battle.

3. The Godfather

The Godfather Slot Machine

The Movie: Francis Ford Coppola was on a hell of a roll in the 1970s, directing classics like The Conversation and Apocalypse Now, but the first two Godfather films stand as his greatest achievement. The story of Michael Corleone’s rise to power in the Corleone crime family is an epic tale of betrayal, power and murder.

The Game: This game is available in two different themes including the 25-payline Corleone’s Office, and the 243-way My Daughter’s Wedding to show players both sides of Vito Corleone’s life. Designed around the theme of The Godfather, this slot has multiple levels with progressive wins to increase the chances of winning bonus prizes for a player. Sunny Corleone takes the players through the game levels, right from the first level as they work their way into the Corleone family. Once a part of the family, the players would have to take offers that they simply cannot refuse. Gradually they would have to complete the challenges set by Sonny to access bonus features and win a fortune through the gambling actions of the family.

2. The Dark Knight

Dark Knight Slot Machine

The Movie: The late Heath Ledger’s final complete performance rocked the world, and gave a whole generation their definitive Joker. But beyond his stunning performance, Christopher Nolan’s second Batman film had an intricate plot, which is still captivating, and it remains incredibly quotable to this day. The special effects are astonishing, and the movie cemented Batman’s integrity as a character – a far cry from the Schumacher days of nipples and unwelcome camp.

The Game: The Dark Knight was released back in June of 2012 to capitalize on the ongoing popularity of the franchise. It soon established itself as a favorite with slots lovers worldwide. The gameplay itself is more than up to scratch with 5 reels, 243 paylines and a solid selection of jackpots, free spins and bonuses available. It’s the great game that fans want, but not the one it deserves.

1. Superman: The Movie

Superman The Movie Slot Machine

The Movie: Superman is one of those movies where all of the pieces just fell into place; you wouldn’t even be aware of the troubled pre-production based on the quality of the final product. The cast are all pitch-perfect, the action scenes are suitably thrilling and the movie has a solid emotional core. Christopher Reeve’s iconic performance, John Williams’ memorable score and Richard Donner’s skilful direction all combine to create a relentlessly optimistic and entertaining superhero blockbuster.

The Game: This slot machine brings Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, and all of your favorite characters together again. In addition to the fun game and action-packed bonus features, lots of movie footage further engages and entertains players. The slot features triple standalone progressives with a frequent feature hit rate. There are also five appropriately titled bonus features: Super Strength Rockslide, Superman Remix, Lex Luthor Lair, Save Lois Lane, and the Fortress of Solitude Progressive Jackpot.

Now we’re just waiting for that Vegas Batman v. Superman game to come to fruition.

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