Burt Ward Counts Down The Top 5 Robin Stories You’ve Never Read

Batman and Robin… it just kind of rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? As much as the Boy Wonder’s presence has been debated and derided over the years — for all the “NAMBLA” jokes and references to stupid costuming (“Robin, the Boy Target”) and arguments that Batman, the ultimate lone wolf, would never become part of some “Dynamic Duo” — Robin is a staple of the Batman mythos, even more of an institution than such essential villains as The Joker, Two-Face or Catwoman.

Outside of the comic world, Burt Ward, who portrayed the junior half of the Dynamic Duo in the very popular sixties television series Batman, remains most fans favorite embodiment of the character. Today, the actor runs down some of the greatest Robin stories that you may not have read before.


[via DC]

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