Famous Movie Cars You Could Actually Own (INFOGRAPHIC)

The car is an ingenious prop to have in a film. Ideally, they make boys and girls the world over hanker for a slice of vehicular awesomeness, and when done right, they steal every show they’re in. And of course, they enable car manufacturers around the world to engage in hugely over-the-top publicity stunts.

But, what if we had to pay the insurance and take our spouses out shopping or the kids to their next really expensive and pointless after school club?

The simple fact is that the most iconic movie cars probably wouldn’t be the best things to own in real life: the more flames and guns and all manner of awesome gadgets these cars have, the more of a pain they would be to drive. If we owned them in real life – and not the Hollywood world of explosions where people survive or where you always get the girl by punching a Russian in the face – and if we had to own them and drive them everyday, the reality would be far from good.

Though, this isn’t always the case, and this nifty infographic by the folks over at Select Contracts highlights that. From James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 to Batman’s Tumbler the infographic shows you a plethora of famous movie cars that you could possibly own in real life – we’ll let you decide if you’d actually want to or not.


Movie Cars Infographic

[via Select Contracts]

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