A Tribute To Movie Zombies

Zombie flicks have been around for roughly 80 years with the release of Victor Halperin’s 1932 film White Zombie. They’ve gone by many different names throughout history, like “the living dead,” “the undead”, recently “the walking dead”, and as Ed Wood called them in Plan 9 From Outer Space, “ghouls”.

It took decades for this horror subgenre to become popular, and it wasn’t really until George Romero’s Night Of The Living Dead that a zombie film saw success at the box office. And because of this film, a lot of the foundation of the contemporary zombie flick was laid: hordes of mindless humans, either infected by a virus, spore, radiation, or bite, overtaking humanity with their insatiable appetite for destruction and human flesh.

With their popularity soaring to new heights as of late, the question you have to ask yourself is “Why?”. Why are we so captivated with rotting flesh shuffling aimlessly about, empowered by an irresistible urge to consume humanity and its brains? Why is that so appealing? Is there something wrong with us? Why do we love zombies so much?

One common belief is that zombies tap into our deeply ingrained fears of a total societal breakdown, a possibility we face every day with issues like climate change, the rise of terrorism and the dangers of biological warfare.

Others will tell you that zombies are a metaphor for the consumer culture that we live in, pursuing human flesh with the same relentless drive that spurs our own desire to acquire material possessions. Or maybe we just enjoy zombie mayhem for the sake of enjoying zombie mayhem.

With that, check out this supercut from YouTuber Robert Jones highlighting the best of the best in terms of zombies and zombie movies. So, nut up or shut up and don’t forget to aim for the head.


[via Robert Jones]

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