The Most Iconic Sidekicks in History (INFOGRAPHIC)

The criminally underrated Disney film Sky High was a charming little attempt to remove some of the stigma associated with being a sidekick. They use the term “hero support”, and assure all those who are destined to play second fiddle that they have an important role and make many meaningful contributions.

That said, it’s impossible to argue that they are not very frequently overlooked in favor of the heroes. But is that really fair? Don’t they deserve much more credit than they usually get?

Frankly, the thing about heroes is that a lot of the time they end up being written damn near close to perfect. They’re noble, kind, and can always be counted on to do the right thing. And let’s face it: that’s kind of boring. Sure, they’re the guy you want in your corner when ish goes down, but they’re usually not the ones you’d want to go have a drink with after the apocalypse.

So it falls to the secondary characters to bring a little spice. While the main character is the one you want to be, the sidekick is the guy you want to be your best friend. It’s not always fair, but sometimes it’s the only way to make the story work.

With that, the folks over at Morphsuits have put together this nifty little infograpic detailing the greatest sidekicks in films, games, and literature. From the crime-fighting Dynamic Duo to everyone’s favorite plumber brothers, here are the best fictional sidekicks:



[via Morphsuits]

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