David Goyer On His Green Arrow Movie That Never Was

Green Arrow: Escape From Super Max had the potential to be a great comic book movie that ignored the standard superhero formula. The film would have skipped the hero’s origin and took things in a much more interesting direction.

Written by David S. Goyer during the mid 00’s, the movie was set to begin with the titular character being framed for a crime he didn’t commit and thrown into a high-tech prison featuring some of the DC Universe’s most vile villains (half of whom Arrow helped put away). The plot would then follow Green Arrow as he attempts to break out of the prison and clear his name, all while taking down an army of villains in the process.

The premise sounded promising and the initial buzz was strong, but Super Max currently resides somewhere between the first two levels of development purgatory.

So, why did this rather awesome sounding movie never come to be? Well, Goyer recently sat down with Den Of Geek to talk all about it.

“I think if that script had come over the transom a couple of years later… It was completely ahead of its time,” he said. “You know, Marvel was considering doing the Sinister Six and at the time, God, I think this was eight or nine years ago that we wrote a couple of drafts, but it certainly was like this oddball project at Warner Bros at the time, they were like–even though the script was good–‘why would we make a movie about a bunch of villains? That makes no sense’.”

Goyer said that while he had support from one particular Warners executive, others at the studio had different ideas about the viability of the properties.

“The executive on it was really visionary,” Goyer said, “but the higher-ups, none of whom are at Warner Bros any more, just thought at the time, you know, we just want to make Batman and Superman movies. We don’t want to make any other characters. But this is before Marvel had really taken off, before more obscure projects like Guardians Of The Galaxy or Ant-Man or things like that had huge success, before the current gold rush I guess, if you will. It’s natural that eventually someone was going to make a villain movie, so that’s just what happened!”

Additionally, Goyer told the site he won’t be directing any of the upcoming DC Comics movies.

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