What Batman V Superman Would Look Like In 1949

We’re a few months from finally seeing Batman fight Superman on the big screen. But what if their big-screen battle debut happened decades earlier? The team at Vulture has imagined it in Batman v Superman Circa 1949. The video presents a simpler Batman V Superman, one in black and white with animated special effects (just like the old Superman serials), with sensationalistic headline style captions and a Superman who goes insane.

While the upcoming Dawn Of Justice is painting the picture of a misunderstood Superman, this trailer makes the guy look like an out of control beast. The highlight of this angle is a scene in which Supes appears to throw a car off of a cliff, while Lois Lane is inside. On the other side of the coin, Batman is completely out matched by the Man of Steel. The 1940’s Batman was severely limited in the gadget department and thus he has no batarangs or other devices which could appear to be used against the Metropolis Marvel. He really just has to stand there and look tough, and unfortunately for him – he doesn’t look that tough.


[via Vulture]

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