The Evil Dead Franchise In Under 5 Minutes

Horror has its iconic franchises ranging from Halloween to Friday The 13th to A Nightmare On Elm Street and more, but they have always been (and always will be) playing second fiddle to The Evil Dead. Outside of putting director Sam Raimi on the map, the franchise also gave birth to one of the most revered and charismatic cinema heroes to ever exist in Ash Williams, charmingly played by the now legendary cult actor Bruce Campbell.

Beginning with The Evil Dead in 1981, made on an incredibly low budget by Raimi and a group of mostly unknown actors, and continuing with a slapstick sequel, medieval threequel and 2013 remake, the series has been summoned again.

Campbell’s put-upon hero is currently in the midst of fighting the forces of darkness once again in Ash Vs Evil Dead, a TV series picking up the struggle against Deadites with just a boomstick and chainsaw hand.

With that, the folks over at IGN have put together this handy video to catch you up on the franchise and get you refamiliarized. Because there is no such thing as too much of the King.


[via IGN]

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