Watch This Epic Retrospective For Aliens

Back in the mid-1980s movie goers hadn’t yet grown instantly skeptical of an impending sequel. There had been more than a few sequels by this point in time but the idea that they tended to end up as shameless cash-ins where the studios simply repeated what had come before – adhering to the false notion of “it if ain’t broke don’t fix it” – was yet to become a noticeable trait in popular culture.

That said, the news of a sequel to Ridley Scott’s seminal horror-science fiction classic Alien made more than a few people nervous that the end result wouldn’t stand a chance of living up to the original. Scott’s movie had all but revolutionized the genre, delivering tension and shocks amidst a setting which oozed atmospheric production design just as the alien in question oozed acidic blood. Fortunately, James Cameron was mindful from the beginning to avoid simply repeating what Scott had done, while the tag line “This Time It’s War” made it clear that this wasn’t going to be a straight rehash but something entirely different.

Indeed, working in his chosen mode (Cameron has always been one of cinema’s great action directors), Cameron was able to use the basis of the original without having to copy or retread it, creating a startling film of tension followed by action.

When it hit theaters in 1986, Aliens was a critical and commercial success and ended up grossing over $130m against an $18m budget. Led by an Academy Award-nominated performance from Sigourney Weaver, the movie is a thrilling blend of action, horror, adventure and sci-fi that almost 30 years later holds up as one of the most accomplished pieces of action filmmaking ever released.

With that, one of our favorite YouTubers, Oliver Harper, has released yet another epic retrospective, this time looking back at this fan-favorite flick. Check out some insightful commentary, little known facts, behind-the-scenes footage and other things any fan of the Alien franchise should enjoy.


[via Oliver Harper]

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