A Compilation Of Directors Who Cameo In Their Own Movies

Pulp Fiction Quentin Tarantino
Directors making cameos in their own movies is somewhat of a long-standing tradition, the most famous of which are associated with Alfred Hitchcock, who made a brief appearance in near-on each every one of his movies over the course of his long career.

In the vein of Hitch, a whole bunch of directors have continued to include themselves in the frames of some of their own flicks from time to time. And the consensus on said cameos is generally mixed: is there any point in a directorial cameo, after all? Do they exist merely to play to a filmmaker’s ego? Is it worth risking a movie-goer’s immersion for the sake of a quick appearance?

And whereas some directors insist on ham-fisting themselves into their movies (ahem, Mr. Tarantino), some filmmakers have shown a little restraint when it comes to cameos. To celebrate all of these moments, the folks over at Digg have put together this little compilation highlighting cinematic cameos from everyone from Stanley Kubrick to the late Wes Craven. Enjoy!


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