Nostalgia Critic Reviews The Happening

The Happening Plant Scene
2008’s The Happening is the film that stopped M Night Shyamalan from making M Night Shyamalan films. Wounded by the overwhelmingly baffled reaction to his tale of deadly pollen, and crippled by his growing reputation as an ultra-sensitive yet ham-fisted megalomaniac auteur, Shyamalan threw in the towel – trading his usual suspense for the generic CGI of The Last Airbender and After Earth – but it was too little too late. With The Happening, you could pinpoint precisely where the wheels fell off the M Night Shyamalan business.

That was several years ago. In those years, public opinion has ossified hard against The Happening. It’s a bona fide joke now. A disaster. An impossible-to-comprehend career-ending misstep. And yet, if you were to re-watch the film right this second it would quite difficult to find yourself not enjoying it immensely. With that, the Nostalgia Critic decided to take a look back at this nonsensical-unintentionally-hilarious-epic and sees if he can make any sense of it all.


[via Channel Awesome]

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