10 Facts About Captain America: Civil War

Captain America Civil War
A lot of comic book geeks may have done their research on Captain America – Civil War, especially when researching about the details done in costumes relating to Captain America, Ant-Man, Iron Man and, of course, Black Panther, who is the new hottest addition in the movie. Also, the fascination has been adopted by the fans for the Web Slinger “Spiderman”, which we now know that Tom Holland will play the role. So far, no news updates are announced relating to Spiderman’s Suit and the team he will join. There are loads of surprises to take place that we are all inquisitive, but there are also some facts about Captain America – Civil War you didn’t know.

They are indeed fun, and definitely, you should check them out. You will figure out all types of facts, like some delightful humor, the stuff actors went through on set and out. Also, you’ll find some of the actors who shared their interest towards the movie and wished to be a part of it. Also a few spoilers, maybe that’s how Facts work and costume details as well expect for Spiderman (Sorry Guys). You will come to know all once you go through these.

This will be helpful for fans that aren’t much familiar with MCU. Even for those who don’t know it at all. Here is the information on Captain America – Civil War that you all need to know. It will be fun, it won’t ruin the movie, but it will be more exciting when Captain America – Civil War release on May 6th, 2016.


Tom Holland Spider-Man
10- Did you know that Tom Holland is the youngest of all the heroes, as he will portray as Spiderman on screen at 19-years of age. Tom Holland as Spiderman will not show up just once, in fact, he will be in 2 or 3 fights scenes. There will also be a shot where Spiderman talks with Iron Man and Captain America, separately. Tom Holland already started working on his stunts, and also, screen tests took place with Chris Evans (Captain America) and Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), knowing which character will suit best with Tom Holland. So yes, Spiderman is coming to MCU, and the Re-Boot of his film will take place in 2017.

9- For the Green Guy ‘The Hulk’, the character might not appear in the movie, but he was seen on the set of Civil War. Mark Ruffalo stated,

“The reason is too great to be revealed in this movie [Civil War]. I was in the script, but then they removed my character. They don’t want to reveal where is he and why. I don’t even know if Hulk will be back soon.”

So suppose if we don’t have The Hulk, we will have General Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross played by William Hurt, which will be his first appearance in MCU in 8 years. There are possibilities for The Red Hulk to appear.

Crossbones Civil War
8- The character “Crossbones” is spotted in the set photos battling with Captain America alongside with The Falcon and Scarlet Witch taking on Crossbones’ men. In the comics, it revealed that after the war between Captain America and Iron Man has ended, Crossbones assassinate Captain America, and it was rumored that this scene might take place in Civil War. The villain will appear wearing the exceptional pair of gauntlets that will help him to enhance strength, which is some sort of a supplement. This will help to match the ability of Captain America when the fight will take place somewhere in Africa.

Marvel Characters
7- Sadly we won’t get to see Thor, but Vision will show up. The Vision is like Thor’s clone who is also worthy to manipulate the Hammer, but not sure if we will get to see Vision carrying the Mjölnir. It is therefore confirmed that Vision will be in Iron Man’s team. Daredevil was rumored to join the cast of Captain America – Civil War as Captain America’s Teammate. Charlie Cox expressed his interest in casting in the movie, but so far, it remained a rumor. Same case for Wolverine, as Hugh Jackman always wanted to battle with The Hulk. So in short, we won’t see Daredevil, Wolverine and also Peggy Carter.

Black Panther
6- Just as everyone has the craze for Spiderman, everybody had focused wildly on The Black Panther costume. According to Black Panther’s suit, it’s going to be a combination of practical and visual effects. The claws are made from vibranium, similar to Captain America’s Shield. At some point in the movie, The Black Panther will not be The Black Panther yet. He wears the suit because of his father. Whereas for his role, his mission is to take on The Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) who is responsible for the death of T’Chaka, The Black Panther’s Dad. He will be considered completely fresh in the eyes of Iron Man and Captain America.

Ant Man
5- Surprises are in for Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man’s suit, which will grow instead of shrinking. Even a hint took place when the Civil War’s Toys was on display, revealing the giant size Ant-Man. Being on Captain America’s team, Ant-Man will grow to around 20-30ft tall, and that will happen during Iron Man’s Pro Forces, which will make Ant-Man grow tall and battle against him. Therefore, we are going to witness an enhanced version of Ant-Man suit. Another crazy fact, both Paul Rudd and Robert Downey Jr. worked with previous Spiderman portrayer Tobey Maguire. Since Paul Rudd worked with Michael Douglas in Ant-Man, Robert Downey Jr. also appeared with Michael Douglas in the movie “Wonder Boys” in 2000.

Martin Freeman
4- Martin Freeman is confirmed to join the cast of Civil War movie. So far, no role has been announced. According to Martin Freeman,

“The character is not a super-person, it’s somebody who’s… well, I don’t want to spoil it for anybody, but he’s not going to be in costume.”

Ironically, Martin Freeman, who played Dr. Watson in Sherlock, acting along with Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock, Martin will go through another Sherlock (Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man) in Captain America – Civil War. Another funny fact, Benedict Cumberbatch, who will soon play the role of Doctor Strange, will someday come across with Robert Downey Jr., indicating the Clash between ‘Two Sherlocks’.

Civil War Helicopter
3- If you watched the Civil War’s trailer where Steve Rogers tries to stop a helicopter, that scene has been considered as “the most powerful shot of the film” according to Co-Director Joe Russo. About this scene, Russo stated that Chris Evans worked very hard in the gym. He physically embodies the character because they wanted to test the limits of Steve Roger’s physical strength. He noted,

“On set, we had Chris straining against a crane holding the helicopter to get this fantastic shot of his muscles bulging and you can feel the energy and determination as he tries to stop it.”

The Falcon Marvel
2- The Falcon costume and gadgets will be upgraded and will get his Redwing. According to the comics, Redwing is an actual falcon that happens to be Sam Wilson’s pet, while in Captain America – Civil War, the Redwing will be a drone. Though Anthony Mackie’s Falcon will team up with Captain America, he relates some personal life with Robert Downey Jr. saying:

“It’s dope man – I get to hang out with Robert Downey Jr. I love it. I love it. I get to eat lunch with him. And talk to him. And crack jokes with him. And he gives me his old clothes, so it’s awesome.”

Iron Man vs Captain America
1- The plot takes place after a year event of Avengers: Age of Ultron. It includes other international incident involving the Avengers results in collateral damage, prompting politicians to form a system of accountability and a governing body to settle on when to call in the Avengers. In this case, it resulted in the fracturing of the team into two opposing factions, which start from Steve Rogers, who performs without any sort of regulation from the government, and other by Tony Stark, who highly supports the government. Many audiences resemble it with Batman V Superman, where Batman works according to his way, and Superman works for the government, inspired by Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns animated movie.

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