Watch: Supercut Of Movies That Break The Fourth Wall

Fight Club Theater Scene
Is there anything more audacious for a filmmaker to do than break the fourth wall? It’s one of those rarely employed cinematic techniques that, instead of attempting to immerse viewers in the world that’s being created, actively draws them out of it, drawing attention to the artifice of cinema, and usually milking it for a few cheeky laughs all at the same time.

The term comes from the fact that as audience members, we occupy the view-point of the camera, which would within the space of the film’s physical world be the “fourth wall” that we never see.

Characters in movies can break it a number of ways, though it almost always involves a direct gaze and address into the camera. If executed poorly, it can come off as cheesy, desperate and self-indulgent, but other times it can help enhance audience engagement with what is going on.

With that, the folks over at The Video Shop have put together a superlong supercut of around 400 films that indeed break the fourth wall – from Kill Bill, Funny Games, Fight Club, Do The Right Thing, Wayne’s World, and many more.


[via The Video Shop]

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