Watch: How Tim Burton’s Batman Movies Made It From The Page To The Screen

Batman Driving Batmobile
Compelling both visually and psychologically, Batman seems tailor-made for motion pictures. In fact, he first debuted in matinee serials five years before his comic book predecessor Superman. Influenced by Douglas Fairbanks’ cinematic portrayal of Zorro almost a century ago, the hero has a long and storied history on big and small screens. However, no live-action appearance has had quite the same lasting effect as Tim Burton’s Batman movie in 1989.

While the sixties television show and feature film spin-off helped boost sales of Batman’s comics, Burton’s feature drew upon newer groundbreaking works like Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke to inspire a serious interpretation which would pave the way not just for more Batman films, but for many superhero movies to come.

With that, the folks over at JoBlo have decided to take a look back at Tim Burton’s one-two punch of Batman and its (fairly underrated) sequel Batman Returns. Relive the magic of his two films as they examine their legacy and the comic book roots both films stemmed from.


[via JoBlo Movie Network]

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