Infographic: How Many Actors Have Played Your Favorite Superhero?

Deadpool Ryan Reynolds
Hollywood’s love affair with comic books took decades to come to fruition, but today there are few more sought after properties than superheroes in modern day cinema. For fans, it’s a glorious time. No longer are these movies viewed as nothing more than overblown toy commercials, or as something that should be viciously tampered with to the point that it becomes unrecognizable.

Subsequently, one can imagine there is going to come a time, not so long from now, when there aren’t any actors who haven’t played some part in a comic book movie. When once it was considered sacrilege to play multiple roles in the genre, some actors – like Ryan Reynolds – have appeared in four or five, and the power and financial draw of the genre is attracting actors of incredible stature.

With that being said, the folks over at Sploid have posted a very necessary infographic. The chart, dubbed The Many Faces Of Superheroes, runs through the names of every actor that has either appeared as or voiced 19 different superheroes – and it’s a thorough infographic.

Batman’s had the most input from different actors, with 15 different men either playing him or voicing him over the past 70+ years. And believe it or not, Hugh Jackman isn’t the only person to play Wolverine in a live-action film; he shares that honor with… Craig Bierko, who played Wolvie in some deleted scenes from the comedy Superhero Movie. See? This infographic is thorough.


Superhero Star Infographic

One thought on “Infographic: How Many Actors Have Played Your Favorite Superhero?

  1. Thank you for sharing this infographic! It’s so interesting to know these fact. So many actor have played Batman, and I didn’t know that Ben Affleck played Daredevil 😮

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