Supercut: The Greatest Cinematic One-Liners (Before The Kill)

The Matrix Dodge This
Let’s take a trip down badass-cinema lane. In the original Matrix movie, our heroes, Neo and Trinity, gleefully slaughter two dozen SWAT officers with insane gun play and an almost unnecessary amount of neck slaps (almost).

After the last officer comes down with an unfortunate case of knife stuck in face disorder, an Agent takes over a nearby helicopter pilot to finish the job loads of heavily armed men couldn’t. What follows is one of the most iconic scenes in film history.

While Neo is reenacting the solo version of the Kama Sutra, Trinity sneaks up behind the Agent, coolly says, “Dodge this,” and shoots him in his stupid face before he can react. Yes, it doesn’t make much sense within the mechanics of the movie, but there is still no denying the scene’s awesomeness.

Indeed, as well as being able to shoot on target without fail, outsmart villains intent on world domination and make any member of the opposite sex fall in love with them, movie heroes are also great at improvising great one-liners. Just before or after they deliver a fatal blow to some nefarious type, out pops a perfectly crafted quip which feels as if it’s probably been brewing for a while. The folks over at Burger Fiction have put together a supercut of 100 of the best.


[via Burger Fiction]

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