Dr. Wolfula Reviews The Orginal Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th Jason Drowns
Sean S. Cunningham had a title and an image (the Friday The 13th logo smashing through a pane of glass) but not much else. With the help of writer Victor Miller, they created a film set over one night as a group of teens setting up a summer camp, and away from any adults, are picked off one by one.

The original Friday The 13th is basically a starters set for film-buffs who are just getting into watching horror movies. It may play as a clichéd slasher, a story of sex equalling butchery, but it plays so effectively well and is, quite frankly, a horror film that’s too important to ever be dismissed (after all, it did kick off the golden age of ’80s slasher films).

Today, one of our favorite YouTube madmen, Dr. Wolfula, has decided to take a look back at this game-changing flick and see how well it holds up today.


[via Jack Stickman]

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