Get Flustered With This Supercut Of The Sexiest Movie Scenes of All Time

Cameron Diaz The Mask Singing
Before we settle in, let’s take quick trip down cinematic nostalgia lane. Remember when Jim Carrey’s 1994 The Mask introduced audiences to a 21-year-old Cameron Diaz, who subsequently melted the screen with her hotness? As lounge singer Tina Carlyle, coming off like Jessica Rabbit made flesh, the provocative debut left an impression so strong that we’re still reminiscing about it two decades later.

The movie is full of moments which showcase Diaz’s sheer sex appeal. In the beginning of the movie, as we see our protagonist working at his bank, Tina enters from the rain, fixing her shoe as the camera pulls in on her long legs, before traveling up to linger on her tight body, and finally, her fresh face and disarming eyes, in slow motion of course.

In a later scene, she performs on stage in a sequin mini dress with spaghetti straps and a cross-back. Cameron has such an athletic figure that such a petite dress would seem difficult to pull off, yet she does it so well. It is SO short. So short, that if you actually look at the bottom of the dress, the last two inches of the hem are only tassels. Her legs seem to go on forever, as dances and spins around the room. Phew!

Anyway, that’s just one memorable moment in the following supercut by YouTuber Robert Jones that highlights some of cinema’s sexiest moments. Other scenes include Leelee Sobieski as jail bait in Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, Elizabeth Hurley as satan herself (himself?) in Bedazzled, Salma Hayek as a lap dance giving vampire in From Dusk Till Dawn, and many more. Enjoy!


[via Robert Jones]

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