Watch This Retrospective For Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines

Terminator 3 T-800
In 1991, as production on Terminator 2: Judgment Day wore interminably on, its frustrated mastermind James Cameron began to proclaim, “T3 without me!” as a way of expressing how taxing an experience it had become to guide this mammoth enterprise with the biggest budget in history. Of course, as the saying goes, pain is temporary, but film is forever, and once the movie came out and garnered a rapturous response by both critics and audiences, suddenly the thoughts of all concerned turned to how best to capitalize on Judgment Day’s runaway success.

Welp, after a twelve-year absence from the Terminator franchise, a third installment finally came in 2003 following years of selecting the right script and giving up the chase for James Cameron to direct – he had refused all offers after claiming that he had fulfilled his vision for the films. The producers of the movie only just managed to convince Schwarzenegger to reprise his role, as he had spent years turning down offers for Terminator sequels with the insistence that Cameron be involved with any potential project; though he accepted after Cameron eventually told him to ‘take the money and run’.

Set 10 years after the events of the previous film, John Connor (played by Nick Stahl) has become a drifter, living off the grid in order to avoid Skynet. Skynet have, however, sent their most advanced robot yet, the T-X (played by Kristanna Loken), back in time to murder key soldiers in the future war and to ensure judgement day happens. After a chance encounter with his future wife, Kate Brewster (played by Claire Danes), who is another target of the T-X, Connor now finds himself and Brewster being saved by another T800 terminator who has been sent back in time to protect them and to ensure they survive the oncoming nuclear attack.

Today, one of our favorite YouTubers, Oliver Harper, has released yet another epic retrospective, this time looking back at this divisive oddity of a movie. Check out some insightful commentary, little known facts, behind-the-scenes footage and many other things any Terminator fan should enjoy immensely.


[via Oliver Harper]

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