Watch The Evolution Of Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey Dazed and Confused
“Alright, alright, alright…”

What a difference a few years can make, eh? Prior to 2011, Matthew McConaughey’s name would usually have been quickly followed or immediately preceded by words like “shirtless,” “dire rom-com,” “nude bongo-playing” or “paycheck gig,” but he has indeed moved past such preconceived opinions.

In fact, McConaughey’s phoenix-like rise from the ashes of integrity has been so remarkable he’s gifted hacky scribes like us not just with the phrase “McConaissance,” but a lexicographical template for similar phenomena in the future. So far we’ve had the (Michael) Keatonaissance, the Reesurgence (Witherspoon), while we’re pulling for the (Jake) Gyllenaissance and the (Scarlett) Johannaissance to get their official recognition as well. Sorry to all the actors out there swimming upstream whose names don’t lend themselves to -naissance-ization, but really, you should have thought of that.

With that, the folks over at Burger Fiction have made this nifty little supercut tracking McConaughey’s career from Dazed And Confused to Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past to Magic Mike and everything in-between. Enjoy!


[via Burger Fiction]

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