Dr. Wolfula Reviews Friday The 13th Part 2

Friday The 13th Part 2 Head
Most horror fans remember 1981’s Friday The 13th Part 2 for being the debut of genre icon Jason Voorhees (or at least, the debut of adult Jason Voorhees). It’s also memorable because it’s the only film where Jason is the killer and he isn’t wearing his iconic hockey mask. Instead he’s wearing a homemade sack mask with one eye hole cut out of it (which is far more scary if you ask us).

F13’s inaugural sequel begins with Alice, the only survivor from the events of the previous film, reliving the terror of that fateful night in her dreams. She awakens, gets in and out of the shower, proceeds to the kitchen and opens the refrigerator door only to find the head of Jason’s mother, Pamela. It is at this moment that Jason makes his murderous debut, grabs Alice and rams a screwdriver through her head. It’s wonderful. Fast forward a few years and we get to witness a whole new crop of youngsters getting slaughtered. This is also great.

Today, one of our favorite YouTube madmen, Dr. Wolfula, after having already revisited the original Friday The 13th, has decided to take a look back at this fan-favorite flick and see how well it holds up today.


[via Jack Stickman]

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