Movies At The Movies: A Supercut Of Movie Scenes In Movie Theaters

Inglourious Basterds Theater Scene
Movies at the movies. Cin-ception.

Call us easily pleased, but there’s just something about sitting in a cinema and watching a film, where the characters are also sitting in a cinema and watching a film that’s just, well… lovely. Granted, the experience is a tad scaled down if you’re watching it on Blu-ray or a highly illegal download stream uploaded from someone’s iPhone, but film characters’ movie habits are so often steeped with in-joke, Easter Egg or meta-reference that there’s seldom a jaunt to the pictures put in a movie just because.

So, sit back, relax, graze on some inconceivably noisy popcorn, and enjoy this supercut of the finest picture-in-picture moments…


[via JoBlo]

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