Watch This Supercut Of The Greatest Fight Scenes in Movie History

Kill Bill Crazy 88 Scene
When considering the greatest fight scenes in movie history, it’s important to take many things into account. You have to consider not just the choreography but everything that goes into making the scene what it is: how the scene is shot, how it sounds, how it’s paced, how it’s edited, how well the actors & stuntmen sell it, how it’s set up, how believable it is (in realistic terms and/or within the world of the story), how well the dialogue (or lack thereof) in it works and how satisfactory it is to the story.

It all matters.

With that, YouTube user Robert Jones has released the third installment of his Fight Scene Tribute series, and it’s completely ridiculous. In it, we get glimpses of actions scenes from movies like Return Of The Dragon, Rocky, Raging Bull, Die Hard, Gladiator, Fight Club, The Bourne Identity, Kill Bill, Avatar, The Revenant, Deadpool, Creed and many others. But be warned, these videos are strictly for those who enjoy bones breaking, skulls crushing, and overblown egos getting deflated. Proceed with caution.


[via Robert Jones]

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