Four Classic Social Media Games You Should Go Back To

If you are a fan of social gaming it can be hard to keep up with all the games. Whether on Facebook or through apps on your mobile devices, the list of games available is ever growing. What we sometimes forget though is that our favourite games are still there waiting for us to return one day.
With that in mind we’ve put together a list of games that we think are worth revisiting. Have a read and see if any of these catch your attention, and pluck a nostalgic nerve:

Words with Friends

Just the mention of Zynga’s Words with Friends will probably remind you of the fun that was had on this game. A version of Scrabble, it was possible to play this game online or on an iOS or Android app. The ability to play either against friends (hence the name) or strangers also added a level of challenge that made the game a lot of fun.

World of Warcraft

You’ll no doubt have seen the trailers for the Warcraft film, or maybe even taken a trip to the movie theatre to see it. If you are a fan you’ll know doubt feel that need to take a trip back to the game and see if it is as good as you remembered. With subscription numbers dipping in recent years, Blizzard will no doubt be looking to bring back players to the game, especially with a new add-on in the works. If you were a fan, now may be the perfect time to revisit the game.


Farmville was one of those games that either you loved, or it annoyed you on Facebook with constant notifications. For fans of the game though you’ll no doubt remember the fun that could be had. If you want to take a trip back to this one, there are also plenty of sequels to try out too.


Online bingo is having a resurgence at the moment, with the ease of play on mobile devices. From your first win bingo sites, the ability to relax in your living room and play bingo is something many people are loving, if you were a fan, maybe it is a good time to revisit?
We’re sure you’ve got plenty of past social games that you remember from the past. Why not go back to them to see what’s new? No doubt they’ve had a few upgrades to get you hooked all over again.

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