Watch This Supercut Of Steamy Obsessions In Movies

Wild Things Wet T-Shirt
It’s funny, but the kind of obsessive adoration that would have made for a classic Victorian romance novel is just plain creepy today. Times change, and building your whole world around a romantic or sexual fixation on another human being doesn’t fly anymore.

With that, the folks over at Fandango have put together this mashup highlighting some of the steamiest obsessions in film history – from Glenn Close not taking “no” for an answer in Fatal Attraction to Mark Walberg becoming the boyfriend who never leaves in Fear. Other movies include: American Beauty, Another 9 1/2 Weeks, Basic Instinct 2, Blow Out, Body Heat, The Crush, Disclosure, Dressed To Kill, Eyes Wide Shut, Indecent Proposal, Maniac, Nurse 3-D, Psycho, The Boy Next Door, Wild Things and others.

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[via Fandango]

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