Famous Actors Who Got Their Start In Horror Movies (INFOGRAPHIC)

Jennifer Aniston Leprechaun Shorts
It’s fairly common knowledge that getting into the acting world is difficult. Very difficult. To start out, your average actor will take a few odd jobs here and there, playing background or minor characters or taking lead roles in more niche films. A primary film genre for the aspiring new actor is horror – plenty of hapless teenagers running around flaunting their acting skills by screaming and yelling like madmen.

Its not uncommon for actors to take these parts and end up famous, even if it is the minority that make it big. There are plenty of big name celebrities whose careers were less spectacular when they began. Most were young, fresh faced teens or twenty-somethings, so it’s often fun to look back at the now A-list celebs back when they were mere mortal beings.

With that, we present to you this nifty infographic highlighting some of the biggest stars who got their start in horror – from Jennifer Aniston running around in booty shorts in Leprechaun to Johnny Deep getting turned into a bloody pulp in A Nightmare On Elm Street to Jennifer Connelly talking to bugs in Dario Argento’s Phenomena. Enjoy!


Killer Careers Horror Infographic
Image Created by HalloweenCostumes.com

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