Watch This Retrospective For John Carpenter’s The Fog

The Fog Zombies
For a director, following up a mega hit is always going to be a daunting task. The expectations and the pressure must be immense. No one wants to find themselves relegated to the ‘One Hit Wonder’ barrel after all. This was the position that John Carpenter found himself in 1980. His 1978 film Halloween had been a knock out success, and people were keen to see what this new master of horror was going to come up with next to strike fear into the hearts of cinema going audiences. Instead of sticking with the slasher genre he had helped create, he chose a different tack, and directed (and co-wrote with long-time collaborator Debra Hill) The Fog – a low key, small scale chiller, full of the essence of old folk tales told around bonfires.

As the centennial of the small town of Antonio Bay, California approaches, paranormal activity begins to occur at midnight. 100 years ago, the wealthy leper Blake bought the clipper ship Elizabeth Dane and sailed with his people to form a leper colony. However, while sailing through a thick fog, they were deliberately misguided by a campfire onshore, steering the course of the ship toward the light and crashing her against the rocks. While the town’s residents prepare to celebrate, the victims of this heinous crime that the town’s founders committed rise from the sea to claim retribution. Under cover of the ominous glowing fog, they carry out their vicious attacks, searching for what is rightly theirs.

Today, one of our favorite YouTubers, Oliver Harper, has released yet another epic retrospective, this time looking back at this fan-favorite flick. Check out some insightful commentary, little known facts, behind-the-scenes footage and other things any Carpenter fan should enjoy immensely.


[via Oliver Harper]

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