A Tribute To Girl-On-Girl Fights In Movies

Kill Bill Gogo Fight
Catfight—the mere utterance of this word sends most men into drooling fits of fantasizing about two female combatants glistening with sweat as they tear each other’s clothes to shreds. It’s no wonder then why the film industry has repeatedly staged scraps between beautiful actresses.

Let’s just take one example: Uma Thurman vs. Chiaki Kuiyama in Kill Bill. Perfectly capturing the fetish fantasies of men everywhere, the fight between The Bride and Gogo from Quentin Tarantino’s martial arts opus is pure nirvana for girl-fight fans. Sporting a skimpy school-girl outfit (one of Tarantino’s best ideas), Gogo is a 17-year-old bodyguard with a shiny mace and a taste for blood. But, as the film taught us all too well, female temptresses with an expertise in hand-to-hand combat are no match for a ticked-off Uma Thurman.

With that, the folks over at JoBlo have put together this tribute to some of the best girl-on-girl fights in film – from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World to the aforementioned Kill Bill. Enjoy!


[via JoBlo]

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