Watch This Epic Masters Of The Universe Retrospective

Masters Of The Universe Poster
Think back to those role-playing scenarios you used to enact with your trusty He-Man and Skeletor action figures – no matter how simplistic your favorite made-up storyline was, it was undoubtedly better conceived and thematically stronger than Gary Goddard’s piss-poor big-screen take on the fantastical swordsman’s world, 1987’s Masters Of The Universe.

However, Masters Of The Universe is not without its redeeming qualities. For instance, Frank Langella as Skeletor is simply wonderful. No joke: Langella has described Skeletor as one of his favorite roles, and you can sense it in his game-on, scenery-chewing performance. The double Tony winner and Oscar nominee brings a sinister theatricality to the part of He-Man’s main adversary that breathes life into every scene he’s in — even when he’s seated on a throne that looks like it was built out of cardboard. Yup, Masters Of The Universe is often mistaken for a terrible movie when it is in fact a so-bad-it’s-great masterpiece. After all, it had… the POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWER!

Today, one of our favorite YouTubers, Oliver Harper, has released yet another epic retrospective – looking back at this cult classic. Check out some insightful commentary, little known facts, behind-the-scenes footage and many other things any B-movie fan should enjoy immensely.


[via Oliver Harper]

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