Movie Monsters Resurrected as Video Slot Machines

Slot machines are perhaps the most diverse casual games ever invented. Their ease of use and simplicity makes them very popular among players, and so do the no deposit free spins gaming venues keep offering to them. Thus, developers keep rolling out fresh slot machines on a monthly basis, adding new titles to the already massive collection of games available online. Although there are thousands of slot machines out there with an incredible diversity of themes, some of them manage to stand out of the crowd – especially those inspired by some of the most famous monsters in the history of cinematography. Today we’ll take a look at a handful of games inspired by the scariest monsters the silver screen has ever seen.


“Aliens” is a five-reel, three-row video slot machine released by Swedish game developer NetEnt in 2014. The game, inspired by James Cameron’s take on the extraterrestrial killing machine, takes its players back to the deserted colony on LV-426. When three or more matching symbols land on a win line, players collect icons in a rack. Once the rack is full, players are taken to a side game where they get to hunt for increasingly dangerous aliens attacking on the corridors of the Hadley’s Hope colony: face huggers first, followed by full-grown xenomorphs and Her Majesty the Alien Queen herself.

The game’s visuals and amazing atmosphere have managed to attract the appreciation of the players and the industry alike, earning developer NetEnt recognition and numerous awards.

Universal Monsters

Universal was one of the most productive movie studios in Hollywood history – at least when it comes to movie monsters. Between the 1920s and the 1950s, Universal kept pumping out monster movies at an incredible pace, giving us classics like Dracula, Frankenstein’s creation or The Invisible Man. More than half a century later, these classic monsters have returned to the screen, in the form of slot machines.

NetEnt has released several slot machines inspired by these classic movie monsters. Thanks to them, players could reconvene with monsters like Dracula, The Invisible Man or even the Creature from the Black Lagoon. The games recreate the atmosphere of the monster movies of the Golden Age, offering players nostalgia, thrills, and the excitement of wins at the same time.

Norman Bates

Sometimes the monsters aren’t aliens, mystical creatures, or mad scientists but human beings with a disturbed mind. One of the earliest such monsters to make it to the silver screen was Norman Bates, manager, and a psychopath at the infamous Bates Motel.

Alfred Hitchcock’s genre-defining classic has been revived as a slot machine, too, thanks to Australian developer NextGen Gaming. The game manages to capture the original movie’s atmosphere, complete with its disturbing soundtrack, while – fortunately – ignoring the notorious 1998 remake.

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