7 Netflix Original Movies You Should Definitely See

Netflix offers a variety of exclusive movies that you can’t watch anywhere else, but which ones are actually worth a watch? Here’s a quick list of 7 original Netflix movies that you should see the next time you go on a Netflix movie marathon.

1. Fundamentals of Caring

What is it about? – Based on a 2012 novel, this film tells the story of Ben, a writer (Paul Rudd) who retired after a tragic accident and became a caregiver for Trevor, a teenager (Craig Roberts) suffering from paralysis. Upon finding out about the teenager’s interest in roadside attractions, the writer decides to go on a road trip where they discover more about hope and friendship.

Why watch it? – Relatable characters, a new perspective on ability and disability, and a good balance of drama and humor make it a good “feel-good” kind of movie.

2. A Very Murray Christmas

What is it about? – Comedian Bill Murray (as himself) has to pull off a Christmas special episode, but bad weather leaves him with a limited crew and without most of the guests. Facing the threat of his show getting canceled, he breaks down while in the middle of a song and storms out of the studio. What follows is a series of musical scenes featuring various interesting people, including Chris Rock (as himself), French chefs, a lounge singer, and a bride.

Why watch it? -If you want to know what it’s like to sing with Bill Murray, this film should answer that question while giving you something good to watch during the holiday season (or anytime you want to feel good).

3. Barry

What is it about? – This film portrays a 21-year old Barack Obama (Devon Terrell) arriving in New York to attend college at Columbia University. During his stay there, he faces various struggles, including trying to stay connected to his parents and his peers as he grows into a man that would later be president of the United States.

Why watch it? – A good slice-of-life movie that takes a closer look at the life of Barack Obama, this Netflix Original is definitely an inspirational eye-opener about the beginnings of one of the most powerful individuals in recent history.

4. Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday

What is it about? – Classic comedy character Pee-Wee Herman (Paul Reubens) returns in this adventure-comedy film nearly three decades after his last appearance. Pee-Wee meets a mysterious stranger and decides to head to New York to spend his first ever holiday. What follows is a fun-filled adventure full of classic comedic scenes.

Why watch it? – A character that many people know and love with a simple story and plenty of wackiness make this movie a joy to watch with the whole family.

5. Burning Sands

What is it about? – College student Zurich Condoll (Trevor Jackson) is looking forward to being part of an African-American fraternity, but increasingly violent senior members and underground hazing take a toll on his studies and personal life.

Why watch it? – Burning Sands offers a gripping storyline while shedding light on the reality and brutality of hazing, which has defined initiations in many fraternities.

6. Tallulah

What is it about? – Tallulah (Ellen Page) travels around the country with her boyfriend, surviving on petty theft until her man decides to leave her after an argument about changing their lifestyle. Devastated, she heads to New York seeking answers but ends up being hired by a dissatisfied, neglectful mother as a babysitter for her toddler.

Why watch it? – Movies about motherhood and taking responsibility are far and few between. Aided with a unique storyline and excellent acting, Tallulah does its job well, portraying motherhood as more than a character trait but a mindset.

7. Beasts of No Nation

What is it about? – In the midst of a civil war in Africa, a child named Agu (Abraham Attah) is orphaned and forced to become a child soldier to fight for a notorious warlord (Idris Elba). The fear of getting killed by his superior permanently scars the young soldier as he kills, survives in harsh conditions, and even endure getting raped, losing more of his childhood every single day.

Why watch it? – A gritty portrayal of what it’s like to be a child soldier caught in the middle of a bloody conflict, Beasts of No Nation expertly elicits fear and sympathy from the audience. It might be difficult to watch at first, but it’s definitely a masterpiece that will not be forgotten by those who watched it.

Netflix original movies may not have the triple-A budgets of mainstream movies, but some of them offer great movie viewing experiences that make them a fine addition to your playlist. Check them out today.

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