50 Hottest Porn Stars (According To Digital Playground)

Once again, let’s do this. We’ve already looked at PornHub, RedTube, SpankBang, YouPorn and, most recently, Elegant Angel. Today we are going to be looking at the top 50 porn stars according to Digital Playground (another site every porn enthusiast should be well familiar with).

Basically, what Microsoft is for personal computer development, Digital Playground is for porn. They are technological pioneers. First big leap happened when porn moved from cinema to the comfort of our home, thanks to VHS. The second one was when porn was introduced to personal computers.

The company was founded in 1993, and it was making adult computer games at the time. The founder of the company had the vision, and we have to be thankful to him for all that Digital Playground has to offer today. They were the ones who produced the first HD porn movie, Island Fever, back in 2004. They were the first ones to choose Blu-ray Disc over HD DVD, in 2006. They were the first ones to introduce virtual sex fantasy (a first person experience – famous porn actress is looking directly to camera, and the viewer can choose from a menu what does he want her to do) to us, in 1998. They were the ones who made Pirates, a porn movie with a budget so big that, if you would stumble upon a scene without hardcore sex (and if you wouldn’t recognize the actors), you would think that it is a huge Hollywood blockbuster. And they will, probably, be the first ones to shoot a porn movie on Mars, when we colonize it.

We say all of that to say that these guys definitely know a thing or two about choosing porn stars. And what exactly makes the girls we will be discussing today the hottest? They are all different body types and ages, hair color and ethnicity. What makes them sexier than all the rest? It might be their faces, or just the way they throw themselves into every scene that they do. Whatever it is, it’s hard to disagree that these are some of the hottest porn stars around. Even though some of them might be retired from the adult film industry, it doesn’t mean that they have left our thoughts or hearts.

Without further ado, this is the 50 Hottest Porn Stars (According To Digital Playground).

50. Madison Scott

Years active: 2007-2015

Madison Scott is a blonde beauty who describes herself as a total sexbomb, and deservedly so. The kind of erotic starlet that oozes sex appeal and knows it, this big-breasted, tight-bodied, apple-bottomed babe is used to being lusted after by men and women alike. And considering she claims to have banged over a thousand people in her time, it seems that Madison wouldn’t have it any other way.

Born and raised in Tempe, Arizona, this sultry southern belle made her pornographic debut in 2007 and immediately began dominating the teen niche. Smashing her way to fame with ease, Miss Scott proved to have a gift for translating her intensely sexual energy and promiscuous ways to the big screen. Madison began honing her skills of seduction during her days as a cheerleader. In fact, like something straight out of a wet dream, Miss Scott even admits to finger-banging a fellow hottie on the squad! So dig in to Madison Scott’s simmering videos and watch as she makes all of your slutty blonde fantasies come true…

49. Peta Jensen

Years active: 2014-present

If you can take your eyes off of her magnificent big boobs long enough to notice her face, surely one of the first things you’ll notice on busty beauty Peta Jensen are her gorgeous almond eyes. With her entrancing features and unforgettable body, Peta is about as hot as they come.

Body wise, it’s clear that Peta takes her fitness seriously, and she’s definitely got the curves to show for it, with a mouth-watering juicy booty, a perfect flat stomach, and the kind of well-toned thighs that belong wide open. Whether she’s sucking love sticks or eating pink tacos, Peta gives every scene she performs in her all. When she’s not busy getting her front bottom stuffed for your viewing pleasure, you can probably find this brunette beauty down at the beach, chilling by the pool, or riding her bike, but for this workaholic hottie, there’s no substitute to the raw erotic thrill offered by engaging in the horizontal tango on film.

48. Shawna Lenee

Years active: 2005-present

After several years in the booty biz, Shawna Lenee was finally rewarded for her unique and powerful performances with the coveted AVN award for Unsung Starlet of the Year. Besides being an absolute stunner, this gorgeous gal is an exceptional actress, connecting with her characters and bringing them to life on the sinful set. Starring in Digital Playground’s Pirates 2, Nurses, and Cheerleaders, Shawna has appeared in blockbuster after blockbuster, licking some of her favorite pink tacos, and getting stuffed by some of the industry’s biggest rods.

Sweet Shawna started her career as soon as she turned eighteen. She had been working as a mainstream actress and model for a few years and was eager to see what kind of scintillating stunts she could pull with her clothes off. Pleasantly surprised by all the tantalizing trouble she could get into, this lovely lady found paradise, discovering her inner slut. In 2010 this busty babe took a four year hiatus from the biz, but has since heard the call of cock and returned to her perverted profession for another round of mind-blowing, nut-inducing action. Although she’s shooting less frequently than she once did, her new schedule gives her the flexibility to pick and choose her scenes, accepting only the hottest scripts. Her early work may have been raw and raunchy, but her recent steamy scenes show a more experienced and refined Shawna, one who knows just what she wants and exactly how to please.

47. Jynx Maze

Years active: 2010-present

For those of you who have ever been jinxed, you might get all down in the dumps thinking some nasty old witch put a curse on you. But talk about Jynx, with a capital ‘J’ for, “just the cutest little sex-hungry babe in the business,” and you’ve got Jynx Maze. Believe us when we say, this adorable brown-skinned hottie is a blessing rather than a curse. What a blessing to see that innocent smile turn all vixen as she strips down, revealing a body so tight that we’re surprised these guys don’t need a wrench to properly open her up for a good pounding.

Jynx Maze is all about giving her all for the camera and she’s got a lot to give. Those natural teen-sized breasts and that delicious pink slice of heaven is a package deal so good that it’s practically criminal. Then there’s that beautiful booty… not too big, definitely not too small, but just the right size when you see that sausage get stuffed in those buns. We wonder if her “Royal Pain” tattoo has anything to do with the tired grips and stiff fingers both dudes and gals get from staring down their screens as Maze Magic unfolds. Maybe some of you are lucky enough to have caught her on her world tours, seeing her get it on live and practically tasting the sex drip off this vixen. For the rest us, we’re glad the video camera was invented for reasons exactly like Jynx Maze.

46. Lily Carter

Years active: 2010-present

Lily Carter is made to make you believe in miracles. For example, how does this real cutie, standing a few short inches above five feet and weighing barely over one hundred pounds, handle such mean poundings from some of the biggest and hardest rods in town? How does she fit inch after inch through her pretty lips and so deep down her gullet? How does she bounce and ride without getting split in half? These questions are best left to the experts… this way we’re left staring in wonder with mouth agape, boners in fists, and swollen balls the size of watermelons, when we behold Ms. Carter doing her thing.

Lily Carter is one of those real girl porn superstars. She could sit next to you in class or serve you a bagel and coffee in a diner. You might even believe that Lily is a real actress, and this girl does have some dramatic chops, which she showed off in Elegant Angel’s high budget Wasteland from 2013. But let’s not lose sight of some basic truths. Lily is a genuine sexy maniac slut bunny who loves getting men hard and chicks soaking wet. Lily can get it on like she wrote the textbook on high-intensity sex acts. Indeed, it’s her hot model face, barely masking the filthy freak underneath, that is truly miraculous.

45. Kasey Chase

Years active: 2010-2015

When a young piece of fresh f-able fruit comes running along, better get on the chase, and we’re talking about Kasey Chase. A genuinely sex-crazed cutie with a tiny frame and petite perky boobies, Kasey’s rosy cheeks, pink pout, and beautiful hazel eyes will have you falling for her in a heart beat. She’s got the face of a teen angel who’s just knocking on hell’s door for a little bit of sinful fun. Her pale skin is sweet like coconut milk, and you could tongue every inch of her fresh, virginal body… okay, maybe not virginal, but you get the point.

Kacey knows how to play up her innocent-fantasy looks, like when she rolls down some pants and gets an eyeful of a man’s erect pipe; her eyes go wide with nervous excitement. When Kacey starts crawling down between one of her girlfriend’s thighs to open up that sweaty flower, you sense Kacey’s tense anticipation to swallow up those feminine secretions. This Michigan girl has mixed European and Native blood, giving her just a hint of something foreign, although she easily masters the domestic familiarity with her own vagina using her hands or any number of toys.

44. Christy Mack

Years active: 2011-present

Christy Mack has come a long way from her first job in Illinois where she dressed up as a dancing gorilla in front of a strip mall! Her lowly boss had no idea he was covering up the magnificent milk monsters and beautiful bubble butt that would make his employee one of the greatest porn stars in XXX history, and probably would have banked him a lot more dough than some stupid monkey suit.

A revolutionary leader of adult entertainment, Christy paved the way for other alt ladies to make it in mainstream porn, changing the way viewers see inked skin, while catering to all the punks, metal heads, and rockers out there, because whether we admit it or not, everyone loves porn! But it’s not just the freaks and geeks benefiting from this bodacious babe’s unique brand of edgy hardcore smashing, Christy’s meat wallet is a tasty treat for all kinds, making her one of the most popular and well-known chicks in the biz today.

43. Ash Hollywood

Years active: 2010-present

Born in a small Midwestern, this blonde bombshell was repressed and sheltered, yearning for the opportunity to experiment sexually. Thanks to porn, Ash Hollywood has finally had the chance to let her dirtiest desires run rampant. She describes her first XXX shoot as, “the day I was born.” Like a virgin, most of her foxy firsts were on camera including, and this is truly jaw-dropping, the first time she ever pet her vayjay with her own two fingers. Progressing from simmering solo scenes, this beauty discovered her penchant for naughty ladies and their curvaceous figures, using her new found clitasaurus worship in some of porn’s most memorable girl-girl scenes.

Since her 2010 debut, Ash has been taking names and checkin’ off goals like a bodacious boss. This simmering seductress has earned multiple nominations including the Best New Starlet nomination at three different award shows in 2012. Of course her flawless body, classic Hollywood face, and pretty perfect snooch have helped her become a success, but it’s her raw sexual drive that has assured her stardom. From her first day in porn, this vivacious vixen has flourished in adult entertainment, discovering all the best parts of her perverted, uninhibited, and dominant personality. Fans love hearing this free spirit come alive and moan with undeniable pleasure, blowing their loads at the sight of her enticing and erotic performance.

42. Hanna Hilton

Years active: 2006-2010

No, she’s not related to Paris or Nicky, but Hanna Hilton is one hotel you would gladly check into, and by hotel, we mean sweet vajayjay, and by check into, we mean ram your meat puppet into.

Hannah Hilton had a brief, but exquisite career in the adult film industry. After being discovered by an agent when she starred in a Girls Gone Wild video, she was rushed to Los Angeles, and began doing nude shoots. Eventually, her and her then-boyfriend, porn actor Jack Venice starred in her first hardcore sex scene in 2008. Hanna’s meteoric rise in the industry included awards like being named Hustler Honey, Boobie Girl of the Month, Wrestling Inc. Girl of the Month. Although this beautiful, blonde, busty specimen retired in 2010, her amazing DD breasts have been immortalized in her scintillating scenes.

41. Karlie Montana

Years active: 2004-present

Karlie Montana is a nerdy knockout who’s one of the most beloved stars currently in the biz. A stunning mix of German and Irish origins, Karlie’s got the kind of flawless features, enchanting blue eyes, and silky auburn locks that could easily capture any pervy porn viewer’s heart. And with her sexy slim frame, perky little breasts, and insanely sweet booty added to the equation, it’s no surprise that this drop-dead gorgeous dame has taken over the fantasies of horny geeks everywhere.

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Miss Montana made her pornographic debut in 2004. With over a decade of erotic experience under her belt, this seasoned starlet’s striking good looks and mouth-watering performances only seem to get better with time. Interested in modeling from a young age, Karlie claims that hopping in front of the camera has always felt completely natural. And since she’s apparently never been shy about taking her clothes off, getting down and dirty on film came pretty naturally for her too.

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