50 Hottest Porn Stars (According To Digital Playground)

20. Dillion Harper

Years active: 2012-present

When you catch a glimpse of cute, little Dillion Harper, you are immediately torn as to what to do. Do you want to take her hand, brush out her pigtails, and tickle her all over to watch that baby face squeal and giggle? Or would you rather make her squeal by sliding that yardstick down her yummy mouth and ramming it up that adorable snatch? Chances are, you prefer the second option, as do the rest of us with a pulse in our pants. Dillion Harper is just so damn amazingly girly, it is just impossible to not want to corrupt her just a bit.

Despite the fact that she looks like Seth MacFarlane with boobs, Dillion Harper is still one of the hottest young stars in the industry. Dillion first got into porn by entertaining guys via webcam in her late teens. She then made the transition to the pros, so to speak, after she got laid off from her job not too long afterwards.

19. Raven Alexis

Years active: 2008-2012

Raven Alexis is a lover of sex, knowledge, and adventure. An active player in the lifestyle game, Raven offers a complete fusion of beauty and brilliance. She constantly strives to meet and surpass the next goal. A slave to her libido, Raven developed a lucrative web brand catering to voyeuristic thrill seekers. To stimulate her mind, Raven avidly reads and geeks-out on role-playing games, conquering new worlds online almost as frequently as she conquers new partners in front of the camera. In search of the next level of stardom, the brown-eyed, brunette vixen signed with promotional powerhouse Digital Playground™.

Raven Alexis holds a power over people, leaving a trail of flustered admirers in her wake. Combine her killer 34D-24-36 body with her exotic, partial Native American background, and it’s easy to see why Raven attracts so many followers. Knowledge of her vibrant bi-sexuality caused Raven to explore ways of satisfying her intense and kinky urges. Usually the dominant one, Raven will allow the right man to take control and bend her over into her favorite position, doggie-style. The curious Aquarius found her way into adult entertainment as a way to experiment with different forms of pleasure. Raven’s obsession with sex is all in the name of science and self-improvement.

18. Riley Reid

Years active: 2011-present

Sweet and sexy Riley Reid entered the porn industry as a fresh-faced teen shortly after her 19th birthday. This sporty and creative girl next door describes herself as “tidy, silly, and cute,” but we know she likes to make a big naughty mess now and then. This tiny tight-bodied babe keeps fit by dancing in her cotton panties in her bedroom (nothing wrong with that). She also goes hiking and rock-climbing, and loves to paint and take photographs.

Some people might think that the massive Kanji tattoo snaking up Riley’s spine throws off her good-girl, happy-go-lucky vibe. Well, want to know what this innocent looking cutie’s big badass tattoo says? It says, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” This Sunshine State sexpot is seriously adorable with a healthy side of raunch. We’ll leave you with one our favorite quotes from her: “If there was a blow job competition? Oh I’d definitely win.” We love you, Riley!

17. Gabriella Fox

Years active: 2008-2012

It’s tough being a good girl: curfews, homework, long skirts, and pure thoughts. Gabriella Fox realized that not only is it easier to be a bad girl, but it’s a lot more fun, too. The once proper and introverted Gabriella spent a lot of time by herself growing up. She was rigorously home schooled and often rode her horses in equestrian competitions, which didn’t leave much time for dating. However, the studious girl is quick to point out that though the Victorian Age was known for manners and sexual repression, it also secretly produced sexy lingerie, naughty erotica, and the Prince Albert piercing. In other words, you can’t judge a book by its cover, or Gabriella by her innocent appearance.

There’s a lot more to this petite Chilean beauty than good grades and quiet nights. Don’t call Gabriella prim and proper. Gabriella Fox is just as likely to use her riding crop on her horses as she is on a lucky stud in the bedroom.

16. Katsuni

Years active: 2002-2016

Katsuni is an international porno celebrity with such crossover power, she can probably win a Dramatic Award for her passion, while at the same time get into the world record books for largest quantities of jizz vacuumed out of men’s gonads. Her super slut star performances and French-Vietnamese beauty are equally amazing. Katsuni’s got that sweet face which only masks one of the most depraved and willing sex stars who ever worked. Her lips look like they’re always about to burst, and the only thing that keeps them from doing so is wrapping them around a mushroom-head or humming a taut set of balls.

Just look at Katsuni’s list of awards and you know you’re dealing with one heavyweight whore. AVN has given her the Best Anal Scene award three years in a row. Let’s not forget Katsuni’s groundbreaking lesbian films. It’s like she can transform her tongue into a cock, by the way she makes girls temporarily cross-eyed. Then, when it’s her turn to get tongued into orgasm, chicks can’t help but slurp up any juice that comes from her orifices. You can just imagine the haute cuisine coming from in between this Franco-Oriental’s thighs. Recently, Katsuni was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame, alongside other superstars like Stormy Daniels. We’re sure that Katsuni appreciates the accolades and lives up to the high standards that us porn junkies have deemed her worthy of.

15. Teagan Presley

Years active: 2004-2013

With one of the greatest asses in porn history Teagan Presley came onto the scene as an adorable young girl with a hidden sex drive that blew everybody away. The only reason she isn’t much higher on our list is because she went and did the unthinkable. She got an unnecessary boob job that nobody was asking for. Teagan was known for a big backside and a small chest, when she got her implants it just wasn’t the same. Still one of our favorites…

Born Ashley Ann Erikson, Teagan came up with her stage name by combining the name her parents originally wanted to name her (Teagan) and the last name of Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa Mary, as homage to her.

14. Asa Akira

Years active: 2006-present

The appeal of Asa Akira goes way beyond her striking physical features. Giving you every reason to believe her claims of an insatiable sexual appetite, this enthusiastic performer comes off being quite charming and bright off screen, which only adds to her allure.

Asa Akira spent her formative years in Japan, before migrating to the United States, carving out a career for herself as a stripper. Asa started her porn career mostly doing girl on girl scenes before getting up the courage to sex it up with a dude on camera. Before long, she was a pro. A look at almost any one of her scenes shows why the Twitter fiend and regular blogger quickly became a fan favorite.

13. Kirsten Price

Years active: 2004-present

Blessed with striking good looks and a perfect physique, Kirsten Price always knew she was destined to be an entertainer. In fact, her childhood dream was to become a model for her favorite game show, which is how she came up with the name Price. And although we’re willing to bet Kirsten’s slim frame, sumptuous curves, and eye-popping cleavage could get her a spot on any game show she likes, we’re happy to say she’d rather get smashed on film instead!

Born in Providence, Rhode Island and raised in Massachusetts, this pervy patriot made her pornographic debut in 2004. Formerly a beauty pageant contestant, Kirsten’s desire to build a career in titillation progressed from nude modeling, to erotic dancing, to finally taking the world of adult film by storm. Appearing in over 200 scenes since then, Miss Price has brought her signature saucy demeanor and outstanding sexual prowess to every single one. And while her exceptional oral skills are sure to fill your loins with lust, it’s her penchant for riding big fat pipes that’s guaranteed to make you bust!

12. Alexis Texas

Years active: 2007-present

Hip-hop legend Ludacris is a prophet. Back in 2003, on his single Blow It Out, he rapped: “I’m the new phenomenon like white women with ass.” Just a few years later, in 2007, Alexis Texas, the white chick with perhaps the fattest ass in the history of porn, entered the business.

Her 2009 release, Alexis Texas Is Buttwoman, is considered a modern-day porn classic. It won Best All Sex video at the 2009 AVN Awards and the 2009 XRCO award for Best Gonzo Movie. And unlike other porn stars who are well-known for their derriere, Alexis actually does perform anal scenes. And lord knows that’s always a good thing.

11. Tori Black

Years active: 2007-2014

Seattle native Tori Black wanted to earn money for college, so she answered an ad online that promised just that. She sent her pictures to an agent, who was located in Florida, and moved cross-country to get her start in the industry. After only a month, she was headed for greener pastures (and more green bills) in California.

Tori Black is one of porn’s most modern success stories. She began acting in porn when she was only 18 years old, but quickly gained popularity for her classic good looks and natural, “unenhanced” body. She regularly tops “best of” lists (including our own) for both her good looks and her, ahem, enthusiastic acting. She’s also extremely active on social media, for which she has gained a lot of attention – and notoriety.

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