Our Pick Of The Top Flicks For 2017

So far, 2017 is shaping up to be a great year for movies, and with more fantastic blockbusters in the pipeline for the next six months, we sure will be spoilt for choice! We have already had such cinematic treats as Beauty and the Beast, Trainspotting 2, the latest Star Wars instalment, and the much hyped La La Land, it boggles the mind what could possibly top them. Whether you are watching in the cinema with buddies or figuring how to unblock streaming websites at home, then check out our list of the top pics of the flicks for 2017.

1. Blade Runner 2049

We never thought that a sequel to the iconic Blade Runner was required, yet alone needed but now it is nearly here we are really, really excited! With Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling and the director of Sicario, Denis Villeneuve, it has all the right names to ensure it is going to be a killer film.

2. Dunkirk

If you like a good old war epic then this will be right up your street! Directed by the eponymous Christopher Nolan, it tells the story of the British retreat from Dunkirk during WWII at a time when the Nazi’s appeared to have the upper hand. With an all-star cast including Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Brannagh, Harry Styles (I know!), and Tom Hardy- I cannot wait to see this tale brought to the big screen in explosion filled style.

3. Murder on the Orient Express

Based on one of the bestselling books by Agatha Christie, this latest reboot was filmed in Malta. This new adaptation of the classic stars Mr Brannagh (again) as the moustachioed Poirot, with Johnny Depp, Daisy Ridley, and Dame Judi Dench as fellow travellers embroiled in a murderous scandal aboard the Orient Express.

4. World War Z 2

The first World War Z was an epic zombie film that was an international box-office hit with Brad Pitt in the role of a UN soldier fighting off zombies left right and centre. I am sure that this offering will have much of the same when it comes to storyline, but do you know what? That’s absolutely fine with me!

5. Jackie

Starring Natalie Portman as JFK’s wife Jackie-O, this is one of the most anticipated performances of the year. Natalie is an incredible actress and I cannot wait to see her interpretation of one of the most iconic figures of the last 100 years- if you ask me, it has a Best Leading Actress Oscar written all over it. Directed by Chilean filmster Pablo Larrain, it tells Jackie’s story in the days after her husband’s assassination in 1963.

Another few films to keep your eye out for over the next few months include Red Sparrow with J-Law, Suburbicon with Mr Clooney, a new offering from Martin Scorcese called Silence, and The Great Wall which controversially cast Matt Damon as a warrior in medieval China. So get your VPN at the ready and get set to get streaming!

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