The Best Casino Movies

Some of the most iconic movies are set in Las Vegas casinos. From mob stories and heists, to espionage thrillers and comedies, all have been set beside the roulette and poker tables of the strip. But have no fear, not all casino action has to take place in Nevada. You can visit online casinos in Canada and avoid a confrontation with a Joe Pesci style pit boss! Using an online casino also means that you don’t have to carry large amounts of cash around, and you can also log on to play wherever you are and whatever you are doing- on the train, on your lunchbreak, or curled up on the sofa at home!

But if you’re still left with a craving for some Las Vegas glitz and glamour, why not check out one of these movies.


Casino is the quintessential Las Vegas Casino movie. With a star studded cast (Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Michelle Pfeiffer) and the legendary Martin Scorsese in the director’s seat, Casino was always going to be a hit. The darkest movie on our list, Casino explores the greed and violence that ran through the heart of the mob’s involvement in gambling in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Ocean’s Eleven

With perhaps an even more star studded cast than casino, Ocean’s Eleven tells the story of George Clooney’s motley crew of thieves and their attempt to rob three iconic casinos (the Bellagio, the Mirage and the MGM Grand) at the same time. Despite Don Cheadle’s terrible British accent and the lack of character depth, the slick performances of Clooney, Pitt, Damon et al will keep you hooked until the film’s heart racing crescendo.


The only comedy on our list, Swingers tells the story of two friends making the often travelled pilgrimage from L.A to Las Vegas. Jon Favreau plays Mikey, a down on his luck actor in need of cheering up, luckily (or unluckily!) for him, help is at hand in the form of his buddy Trent played by Vince Vaughan. Swingers is full of memorable scenes and quotable lines, it’s the movie that made us tell our friends that they are “so money and they don’t even know it” and made us want to become “the guy, behind the guy, behind the guy”.


Whilst Las Vegas is perhaps the Mecca for casino goers, glamourous gambling spots can be found all around the world. As proved by Daniel Craig’s James Bond debut, Casino Royale, which is set in Montenegro. Harking back to the golden days of Bond, Casino Royale is more of a classical thriller than the gadget laden CGI fest it would become with Pierce Brosnan as 007. It proved to a firm relaunching of the franchise and cemented Daniel Craig’s status as the go to guy when it comes to emerging from the sea in tiny shorts.


So there you have it, our list of ‘The Best Casino Movies’. Be sure to check them out and see if you agree. Maybe you’ll be inspired to set up a heist or join the mob. Or maybe you’ll just feel like visiting the safety of an online casino!

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