5 Superheroes Facts You Didn’t Know

Often, girls and lovers of comics (especially those who just start getting acquainted with the culture of reading comics) ask questions of what is happening in comics and it seems difficult to find the answers. To get answers to some of the “complex” questions, you need to go deeper into the history of comics. Today we will answer on some of the most popular questions about superheroes. Maybe this will come in handy one day and you will find a comics lover on https://vavadating.com who will be impressed by these facts.

1. Are the heroes immortal?

No. In 1995, a comic book about Punisher was released. It was called “The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe”. In this comic book, Punisher kills all superheroes and villains of Marvel, including himself.

2. Why do superheroes wear pants over tights?

This is one of the most popular questions regarding comic book characters. For a long time, Superman, Batman, and many other superheroes put pants over clothes. The question is – why? One of the most common answers: spandex so tightens the body that it may seem that the hero is almost naked. In fact, everything is not so simple. The “fashion” for wearing pants over tights was set by Superman. He appeared in the late 30-ies when circuses were very popular in America. Artist Joe Shuster, who was working on the image of the hero, tried to make him look like a circus strongman. Those men wore tight-fitting leotards, emphasizing the athletic build. And they wear boxers with a “champion” belt over it.

3. Why is it dangerous to have sex with a superhero?

In 1971, the American science fiction writer Larry Niven published his famous essay “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex”, in which he tried to understand from the scientific point of view why sex with Superman is dangerous for an ordinary woman. Such a connection didn’t bode well: at the time of orgasm, most men are not able to control themselves and their muscles. A superhero can easily break a girlfriend into pieces. There is one scene in the film Hancock that was removed from the theatrical version, where it is clearly shown that orgasm of the superhero is destructive. However, don’t think that if you are a man, then you are outside the danger zone. Suppose, purely hypothetically, that you have sex with Wonder Woman. Where is the guarantee that she doesn’t accidentally break your heart scratching your back in a fit of passion? And She-Hulk can easily break your ribs, grasping in her arms.

4. What is the most expensive comic book?

The most expensive comic book in the world is a copy of the first edition of Action Comics. The first appearance of Superman took place there. In 2011, an unknown person paid $2.16 million for the edition of 1938. In total there are about 100 such editions in the world. But almost all of them are in a disgusting condition. Therefore, they cost approximately 600 thousand dollars.

5. How Marvel helped the child?

Once Marvel got a letter asking for help from the mother of 4-year-old Anthony Smith. The boy almost completely lost his hearing and he had to wear a hearing aid. However, the child refused to do this because he said: “Superheroes don’t use such things.” Employees of Marvel immediately remembered one of the comics about Hawk-Eye, in which he was forced to wear a hearing aid because of a wound. The artists drew a special issue, in which they combined Hawk-Eye with a new hero – Blue Ear. “Thanks to the device, I can hear calls for help from everyone in trouble” – The hero told from the pages of comics. After that, the boy agreed to put the device on. That’s how they helped him.

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